Brinnette Seopela Biography: Age, House, Business, Cars, Husband/Boyfried, Child, Parents & Net Worth

Basic Information

Stage Name: Brinnette Seopela
Real Name: Brinnette Seopela
Occupation: South African Entrepreneur, Television Personality
Date Of Birth/Age: 16 October 1979
Place of Birth: Johannesburg,
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Divorced
Education: University of Cape Town

Brinnette Seopela Biography

Brinnette Seopela is a South African media personality, and entrepreneur long famous as one of the faces on the reality television show  Real Housewives of Johannesburg.

As the only child of her parents, she received all the attention any child could ever ask for. She had her primary and secondary education in Johannesburg and soon ventured into business, setting up what is today one of the most recognized spa brands in South Africa.

Brinnette Seopela not only believes n working hard but in enjoying the fruits of that hard work.


Born in 1979, Brinnette Seopela is currently 42 years.


Brinnette Seopela might be a celeb, but her house is one area she would not noise. That notwithstanding, she’s said to be living in a splendid apartment in the heart of the city.


Brinnette Seopela has her hands on several piles. She’s a media personality, an entrepreneur, and the founder and Spa Aesthetique.


Brinnette Seopela loves cars and has never hidden that love. Among others, she reportedly owns a Mercedes Benz. A while back, peeps in Mzansi had rumoured that she would borrow luxury whips from friends and pass them off as her own.


Brinnette Seopela is currently single. However, she was previously married to Brinnette Seopela. The couple had met on social media, and after dating for about three months, had asked Brinnette Seopela if she would marry him.

The couple had a glamorous wedding televised on the Real Housewives of Johannesburg, a show that Brinnette Seopela is part of. Several celebs were on the ground to celebrate with the couple on their memorable day.

Unfortunately, the marriage ended as quickly as it had started. Five months after they got married and spent their honeymoon in New York, the marriage was over. She had reportedly gotten pregnant but miscarried as a result of domestic violence.

When it became unbearable, she had ditched the marriage and moved on with her life.

At the moment, she’s said to be dating Andile Jali.


At the time of writing, Brinnette Seopela had no child. She’d had a miscarriage previously from GBV, and it left her broody because she desperately wanted a child. So right now, she hopes to one day go for In vitro fertilization (IVF) to have the child she’s always desired.

Interestingly, Brinnette Seopela is reportedly the only child of her parents, which makes her case particularly poignant.


Not much is known about Brinnette Seopela’s parents, as she hasn’t dwelled much on the subject. However, she’s said to have a deep bond with her parent. And when her father died a year ago, in 2020, she was devastated.

That same period, she had taken to to announce her father’s passing, describing him as wise and loving and with a beautiful soul. In addition, her father had appeared in season 2 of Real Housewives of Johannesburg, where he stunned any with his profound knowledge of flowers.

Net Worth

Brinnette Seopela has often been described as one of those doing well in the industry. Given how dedicated she is to her craft, her success shouldn’t surprise anyone.

While her exact net worth isn’t known, and she wouldn’t be caught dead bragging about the same, the consensus out there is that her net worth ranges from $1 million to $4 million.

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