Buntu Petse Biography: Age, Boyfriend, Parents, Child, Bikini Pics, Cars & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Buntu Petse
Real Name: Buntu Petse
Occupation: South African Actress
Date Of Birth/Age: 12 February 1997
Place of Birth: Johannesburg, South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: University of Witwatersrand

Buntu Petse Biography

Buntu Petse is a South African actress and presenter. She made her media debut on Teenagers on a Mission (TOMZ), an SABC1 science and tech show. Thereafter, she had landed her first active gig in the popular soapie  Generations: The Legacy.

In the flick, she had played the role of Ntole, a teenager at high school on a mission to fight climate change. She played the role so well that she was considered a fan favorite


Born in 1997, Buntu Petse is currently 25. She celebrated her birthday earlier this year, with many across Mzansi wishing her the best going forward.


A woman of Buntu Petse’s fame and charms would not lack attention from the bods. On her relationship status, though, she has been discrete, revealing nothing. So if you have designs on her, you may as well shoot your shot.

While a blanket of mystery appears to cover her current relationship in the real world, none covers her onscreen Nontle. She had a boyfriend who sought revenge when some hoodlums attacked her.

In real life, while she isn’t married yet, she already has a lot planned out. In an interview last year, he had noted that in the next five years she would be married, with a child, living in a house of her own and doing what she loves best – acting.


Not much is known about Buntu Petse’s parents. Her fans are content to call her the daughter of Ayanda (Samela Tyelboi). One thing is clear, though, and as she herself has admitted, her parents have been supportive of her move and are instrumental to the success she is today


A child has often been described as a blessing to whoever has it. Buntu Petse shares the same view. Although some fans assume she has a child, at the time of writing this, she had none.

One of her key dreams is to one day have a child, though. She disclosed this much during an interview but gave no precise timeline when fans should expect a baby from her. Anyway, whenever she has a child, we’ll be glad to update this post.

Bikini Pics

It has often been said in the entertainment industry that if you have it, flaunt it. Buntu Petse appears to subscribe to the same view, as she’s been shared several pictures of her rocking bikinis.

There are several takeaways from her bikini pictures, including that she has a great figure and has no qualms letting the world know just that. Most of her bikini pictures have fans going, “wow!


For one who’s famous and, according to reports, rich, Buntu Petse not owning a car might sound incredible to many out there. But the actress herself admitted two months ago that she doesn’t own a car.

Back then, in an live video that showed her at the Randburg taxi park, she had stated that she owned no cars but uses public transport. She also admitted that she uses Uber at times.

Contact Details

Buntu Petse seems to value her privacy and would rather not be bugged. A search on indicated she’s not active there – or uses a name that’s not easy to spot.

Her fans have created pages in her name, though. Even at that, the pages bear no details by which she might be reached. So if you’re hoping to contact her on Instagram, you’re on a long thing.

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