Calib Cassim Biography: Age, Salary, Wife, Net Worth, Qualification, Nationality, Eskom & Corruption Case

Basic Information

Stage Name: Calib Cassim
Real Name: Calib Cassim
Occupation: Chartered Accountant
Date Of Birth/Age: 1972
Place of Birth:  Durban, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married
Education: University of KwaZulu-Natal

Calib Cassim Biography

Calib Cassim is a South African chartered accountant and current chief executive officer of South Africa’s power behemoth, Eskom, which is currently facing a crisis leading to load shedding across South Africa.

Before his emergence as CEO of the company, he had served as its CFO (chief financial officer). His appointment took effect in February following the exit “with immediate effect” of former CEO Andre de Ruyter.

With degrees from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and elsewhere, as well as other qualifications, Cassim is seen as the man who might take the embattled energy company to its glory days.


One other aspect of Calib Cassim’s life which isn’t clear to the public is his age. He is reported to have been born in 1972, but we cannot confirm that.


While you might never find the current Eskom CEO dropping details about how much he earns at the power utility, the public has been doing the talking, with multiple sources stating that he earns about R9 million annually – not bad by South African standards.


While Calib Cassim is said to be married, there are no credible details about his wife and who she might be. That isn’t even surprising because he is pretty private about his personal life.

Net Worth

The net worth of public figures is often of great interest to members of the public. That of Cassim is no diferent. Since he took over as Eskom’s CEO, the interest in how much he might be worth has hit the roof. However, because he is pretty private about his personal life and never loud about his resources, not much is known about his exact net worth.

Still, given his standing at the moment, he is certainly one of the rand millionaires in the Rainbow Nation.


He might not be the most educated out there, but Calib Cassim has got qualifications that he is more than proud of. He holds an honours degree from the University of South Africa,  a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Natal and a Master’s degree in Business Leadership (MBL). He has completed several developmental programmes, including one at the Harvard Business School and the University of Witwatersrand.


People often what Calib Cassim is, and that is because of his name, which some tweeps have claimed sounded more like Talib Qassim – you know, something Arabic. However, the new Eskom CEO is actually South African. While details about his personal life are scanty, some sources state that he grew up in the Overport district of Durban, South Africa.


Calib Cassim is the current CEO of Eskom, South Africa’s power utility. He stepped into that position days ago following the exit of the former CEO, Andre de Ruyter. De Ruyter was to have left at the end of March, but his exit was accelerated and he had to leave, opening the door for Cassim to take over.

Before taking over, though, he was part of Eskom management, holding the position of chief financial officer, which enabled him to manage the resources of the company.

Corruption Case

There is no known corruption case against Calib Cassim. He merely took after a man who had accused state officials of corruption but failed to provide evidence to back up the claims. In effect, he had risen on the back of Andre de Ruyter’s corruption case claims against some senior officials in government.

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