Carol Bouwer Biography: Age, Net Worth, Husband, Acting Career, Children, House, Cars & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Carol Bouwer
Real Name: Carol Lindiwe Bouwer
Occupation: Television Presenter, Actor, Producer, Businesswoman
Date Of Birth/Age: July 1974 (48 as of 2022)
Place of Birth: South Africa
Gender:  Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married


Carol Lindiwe Bouwer is a famous South African television presenter, actor, producer, and businesswoman. She is renowned for making investments and starting businesses aimed at empowering women in South Africa. Carol invests in media, horse racing, mining, and property development. She was also known for playing a role in the hit TV series “Generations.” She owns a renowned television company called Carol Bouwer Productions. Carol created the African Women Investments project and invested in Sithaba Women’s Group through it.

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The former South African actress chaired a women’s forum in parliament and also led the legislation of the anti-bullying and anti-drug abuse laws in South African schools. She served as the ambassador for Thuthukani Women Centers, campaigning against rape and giving help and assistance to its victims and survivors. She earned praise for her work as the ambassador of South Africa’s Influential Women’s Forum in UNICEF.


Carol Bouwer was born in July 1974. She is believed to have turned 48 years old in July 2022. There isn’t much detail about her birth date.

Net Worth

The estimate of Carol Bouwer’s net worth is unknown to the public because she has not shared it. However, Carol has had so much success as a television presenter, producer, businesswoman, and ambassador championing various causes. Several media outlets have estimated her worth to run into millions of dollars.


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According to reports, Carol Bouwer is happily married to Edward Bouwer. She has kept her marriage private and away from the public eye. There are not many details about her husband except that he is a successful businessman and a lover of horses. Carol and Edward met in Amsterdam and married on April 25, 2000, at a beautiful wedding on Nassau Island in the Bahamas. She celebrated her 19th wedding anniversary in New York in 2019. In April 2022, the couple celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary. Carol shared a photo of them with the caption, “Gratitude and Love. From 25.04.00 to 25.04.22”.

When a fire broke out in their house in Lion’s Head, Cape Town, Carol’s husband took her to a hotel. She wrote, “Hubby left me in the hotel to go survey the damage at the house only to find the helicopters still transporting water to extinguish the fires and all these dedicated fire fighters giving their all for us! I pray for your blessings to multiply as your is not a job but a calling”.

Acting Career

From 1994 to 1996, Carol Bouwer starred in the hit television series “Generations” as Kgomotso. She was more passionate about television presenting than she was about acting. Next, she was asked to present “The Buzz Show.”


Carol and Edward Bouwer are blessed with a son, Danté. He was born in June 2001.


Carol and her family lived in a luxurious home in Lion’s Head, Cape Town. In 2019, their home was engulfed by fire. She shared that her husband got her out of the house to a hotel and went back to check on the extent of the damage. Fire fighters got to the scene and helped quench the fire. Helicopters were also used to put it out.


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Carol Bouwer does not share photos of the cars she drives on social media. She keeps them private. She once shared a photo standing next to her car, a Jaguar F Pace EVR.

Contact Details

Fans looking to connect with Carol Bouwer can follow her accounts on social media. Instagram: @bouwercarol and Twitter: @bouwer1331.

@bouwercarol Instagram
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