Carol Tshabalala Manana Biography: Boyfriend/Husband, Age, House, Health Status, Net Worth & Contact Details

Carol Tshabalala Manana Biography: Boyfriend/Husband, Age, House, Health Status, Net Worth & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name:Carol Tshabalala Manana
Real Name:Carol Tshabalala Manana
Occupation:South African Sportscaster, MC
Date Of Birth/Age:11 August 1981
Place of Birth:Pimville, South Africa
Nationality:South African
Marital Status:Divorced but dating again
Education:Krugersdorp High School

Carol Tshabalala Manana Biography

Carol Tshabalala Manana is a South African sportscaster and MC. Born in Soweto, she completed her secondary education in 200 and started her broadcasting career five years later, in 2005.

Her first broadcasting assignment was at Kaya FM 95.5, where she served as a sports information reporter. In the years since she had also worked at Radio 2000 and the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC).

After a decade at the SABC, in 2011, she had announced that she would be leaving to join SuperSports. Five years later, in 2016, she had gotten an even more significant role as a live studio anchor on Barclay’s Premier League (IMG productions).


For Carol Tshabalala Manana, this life and relationship thing started pretty early. She had gotten married at the age of 19 to Solomon Manana. The couple was together until 2006, when they divorced.

Carol had reportedly filed for divorce because her husband was abusive and degraded her emotionally and physically. Before their split, though, they had sired two children, one of whom was named after Solomon. By the way, Carol Tshabalala Manana has also adopted her late sister’s son, Mpho.

After her divorce from Solomon, Carol Tshabalala Manana was linked to several men, including the rapper Sbu Motloung. But the relationship was short-lived. The relationship had ended because of cheating on Sbu’s part.

He’d reportedly cheated on her with a Metro FM presenter who was one year younger than him. At the time, Carol had kept quiet and not raised a storm because it would have been damaging for her career.

She’s also been linked to the Senegalese footballer Sadio Mane. In particular, the basis for the Sadio Mane speculation was Carol posting multiple pictures of them together. But then nothing came out of it.


Carol Tshabalala Manana was born in 1981, so she’s currently 40 years old. But she doesn’t look her age, though. So if you should run into her now, you’d most probably think she’s much younger. But that’s by the way. She’s one of those celebs who take care of their looks.


If you’re looking for Carol Tshabalala Manana’s house, you might be on a long thing – as the saying goes. While she’s a sportscaster and famous for her contributions to the industry, you would hardly find her bragging about her house.

Anyway, she reportedly lives in a great house with her three sons

Health Status

Some news sources claim that Carol Tshabalala Manana may have contracted HIV at some point. She was reported to have initially sought medications from Johannesburg but now gets her drugs from much closer places. We can’t confirm her HIV status, though.

Net Worth

When a person becomes famous, the public want’s to know about their net worth; for the most part, Carol Tshabalala Manana’s case is no different. Well, she’s not particularly concerned about what her net worth might be.

While she wouldn’t be caught discussing her net worth, commentators have been doing the talking, and the world out there is that her net worth is $500k. Not bad for a lady dedicated to what she does.

Contact Details

Carol Tshabalala Manana has made things easy for those who want to reach her. She’s active on social media, especially Instagram. So, she’s just a direct message and a mention away on that medium.

To contact her formally, though, you’ll have to go through an agency. Just fire an email to Richard [at] playmakermedia dot co dot uk.