Christian Saile Biography: Age, Stats, Goals, Salary, Net Worth, Country, Girlfriend & Parents

Basic Information

Stage Name: Christian Saile
Real Name: Christian Saile Basomboli
Occupation: Professional footballer
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Democratic Republic of
Gender: Male
Nationality: Congolese
Marital Status: Single
Education: Njube High School

Christian Saile Biography

Christian Saile Basomboli, sometimes known simply as Saile, is a striker of Congolese provenance but currently playing for the South African side Kaizer Chiefs.

He used to play for the Zambian side Nchanga Rangers but went on trial at Amakhosi in 2022. However, towards December of that year, it was reported that he had stopped training with the club.

However, in a move that must have taken some tweeps by surprise, he was unveiled by the struggling Kaizer Chiefs. Records show that he has signed a three-and-a-half-year contract with Amakhosi and is now open to selections in the club’s upcoming games.

Saile Basomboli, who is left-footed, plays the forward position and goes with the No. 21 jersey with Kaizer Chiefs. He is happy to be with the Chiefs, and so are the fans who now call him “our own Mbappe.”


It is unclear exactly when Christian Saile Basomboli was born. However, following his official unveiling by Kaizer Chiefs last month, he was said to be 22 years old.


Stats are mirrors of how well – or badly – a player is doing. Christain Saile Basomboli isn’t doing badly, with nineteen goals last season and seven goals in 16 games before joining the Chiefs.


Goals are singularly important in football, as they determine whether a team flies to the top of the league or faces relegation. Clubs know this only too well, so they make it a point to bring in players who can smash nets with the ball. In fact, Saile Basomboli was picked because Amakhosi had identified him as a “scoring machine.”

He scored 19 goals that helped his former side (Nchanga Rangers) to the Super League promotion last season.

This season, he scored seven goals before moving to Kaizer Chiefs


Footballers, especially when they are very good, earn pretty high. However, it is unclear exactly how much Saile Basomboli is earning at Amakhosi. Also, it is a known fact that Kaizer Chief players are among the top earners in the South African League.

Still, it remains unclear exactly how much he earns. But since he accepts that, it must be something he is cool with. Else, he might not have accepted it.

Net Worth

Net worth is like a window into how much someone has been able to accumulate since he popped into the material plane. While some people are too fixated on their net worth, others are just indifferent. Saile Basomboli appears to be in the latter category.

His exact net worth is unknown. He alone knows that, but he would never be dragged into discussions about it.


Christian Saile Basomboli is from the Democratic Republic of Congo but plays for the South African side Kaizer Chiefs. His signing to the club was recently confirmed as he formally exits Nchanga Rangers, which is currently 12 position in the Zambian Super League.

However, because Christain Saile Basomboli now flies the Kaizer Chiefs colour, some tweeps think he is South African. He is not. He is one of the African players having international careers within the continent.


When one is rich and famous, one has easy access to some of the most beautiful women. It’s unclear whether that is the case with the Kaizeer Chiefs’ left-footed striker, though. It’s a subject of speculation whether he has a girlfriend, and who she might be.


Christian Saile Basomboli’s name has only just blown up in South Africa’s media circles, though it is not the first time he has made it to MZansi. Anyway, some details about him are still pretty scanty, including who his parents might be.

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