Collen Mashawana Biography: Age, Girlfriend/Wife, Son, Foundation, House, Cars, Net Worth, Instagram & Contact Details

Collen Mashawana is a South Africa investor, businessman and philanthropist who calls the shots at Afribiz Invest.

Basic Information

Stage Name: Collen Mashawana
Real Name: Collen Mashawana
Occupation: South African Businessman, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
Date Of Birth/Age: 13 January 1985
Place of Birth: Johannesburg, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: Limpopo, South African
Marital Status: Divorced but dating again
Education:  Diploma in Information Technology

Collen Mashawana Biography

Collen Mashawana is a South Africa investor, businessman and philanthropist who calls the shots at Afribiz Invest. His career started at Microsoft South Africa. He’s since ventured into other areas but is mostly known for his Philanthropy at the moment.


Collen Mashawana was reportedly born in 1985, which means he’s currently 36 years old and younger than the actress he’s now dating. See below.


Collen Mashawana was previously married to Lerato Moloi. At the height of their union, many considered them the perfect couple and looked up to them for marriage goals. Along the line, though, the marriage had collapsed.

When the news of impending separation and divorce hit town, South Africans were incredulous because Collen Mashawana and Lerato Moloi appeared like the perfect couple in public, had always turned up at public functions together, and appeared like the ideal couple.

Along the line, it was revealed that the marriage ended because Lerato Moloi cheated on Collen Mashawana.

While Lerato Moloi appeared to have cheated moved on with her life, Collen Mashawana has remained unmarried. At the moment, he’s said to be having a relationship with actress Thembi Seete.


Before his marriage to Lerato Moloi collapsed, Collen Mashawana had a son with her. However, Prince has taken after his father in creative energy. The youngster, reportedly bullied when he was much younger, had created a game with a superhero called Super Mash (a contraction of his surname).

Since creating the game, he’s appeared on several platforms, including SABC. Now kids across South Africa look up to him.


Collen Mashawana runs a foundation named for him. The Collen Mashawana Foundation aims to create employment for the youth because the founder believes that an empowered youth can lead to a more robust democracy.


Collen Mashawana has got a plush apartment, but it’s not something he would be caught discussing all the time. In fact, he’s more concerned about the housing deficiency in South Africa than about his crib. He’s made headlines by building and giving away homes.


It has been said that cars give clues about a person’s current station. We do not subscribe to that view, and it appears Collen Mashawana himself is indifferent about his vehicles. He’s rarely been found showing off his automobile assets. But then he’s said to have some expensive wheels.

Net Worth

The thought of what Collen Mashawana might be worth has been flying across Mzansi social media for as long as we can remember. The man himself is more concerned with Philanthropy than with how much he might be worth.

That notwithstanding, the word out there is that his net worth ranges between $3 million to $5 million. Those are pretty decent figures by South African standards.


Collen Mashawana is very active on Instagram, where he shares details about his life and foundation. His Instagram page appears to be focused on what he’s doing in the world of Philanthropy. And he’s got an active audience, too.

Contact Details

While Collen Mashawana has not released his personal contact details, he might still be reached via the Collen Mashawana Foundation. This body has an official website ( with a “contact us” link.

So contacting him might be as easy as tapping that icon and sending a message. There’s no assurance you’ll get a response, though.

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