Daniel Segun Olusemo (Sheggz) Biography: BBN, Age, Family, Parents, Football Club, Net Worth, Girlfriend & Ex-girlfriend

Basic Information

Stage Name: Sheggz
Real Name: Daniel Segun Olusemo
Occupation: Footballer, Athlete, Reality TV Star, Actor, Model
Date Of Birth/Age: 13 November 1996 (26 Years Old
Place of Birth: Lagos State, Nigeria
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Single
Education: Skegness Grammar School


Segun Daniel Olusemo, famously called Sheggz, is a Nigerian-British footballer, athlete, reality TV star, actor, and model. Sheggz is best known for participating in the hit Nigerian reality TV series Big Brother Naija Season 7 Level Up. He emerged as one of the most talked about contestants in the house.

Sheggz attended Grange school, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria. He later moved to the UK with his family and attended High School at Skegness Grammar School, Lincolnshire, England.

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Sheggz entered the Big Brother Naija Season 7 Level Up house and fast became a fan favourite. While entering the house, he described himself as “confident but not cocky,” the “perfect mix of Lagos and London.” He believes in the importance of hardwork and smart work. He considers himself down-to-earth, relatable, and ambitious. Sheggz’s relationship with Bella was much talked about by viewers. He was evicted from the house before the final week.


Segun Daniel Olusemo aka Sheggz, was born on the 13th of November in 1996. He has lived most of his life in London, United Kingdom. Sheggz celebrated his 25th birthday on November 13, 2021. He was 25 when he entered the Big Brother Naija house in 2022.

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Sheggz is from a Yoruba christian household. He constantly spoke about his family while he was in the Big Brother Naija house. Although he did not share many intimate details about them, viewers could deduce that he came from a well-to-do family. It is unknown the extent of his family’s wealth.

Sheggz also spoke constantly about his love for his mother. He shared that he loved his mother so much and would not do anything to disgrace her while he was in the house. After his exit from the house, fans were entertained with a video of his sister, Tomi, who came from London to visit him. She shared a photo of them as kids.

Tomi is a lifestyle blogger. In their article, reveals that Sheggz has two younger brothers, one named Fikayo.


Sheggz spoke about his parents but did not reveal what they did for a living. For now, everyone knows them as Mr. And Mrs. Olusemo. He stated plans to make his mother proud while in the house., in their biography of Sheggz, claims that his parents are named Mr. Yemi Olusemo and Dayo Amos Olusemo. The article reveals that his mother is a graduate of the University of Jos, Nigeria.

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Football Club

Sheggz has constantly talked about being in a football club and quitting football due to an injury. He reportedly started his football career during his high school days. He was previously involved with Ware FC 1st team. The club is in London.

Net Worth

The net worth of Segun Daniel Olusemo, aka Sheggz, is unknown to the general public. Sheggz caused quite a stare with his claims while in the Big Brother Naija house. He constantly boasted about being born with a silver spoon, living in London, and his family’s wealth.

He also boasted about his career as a footballer and an actor. It is still unknown how much Sheggz is worth. Neither he nor anyone in his family has revealed it to the public.


Sheggz was involved with fellow Big Brother Naija Season 7 Level Up housemate Bella Okagbue. The couple was famously called Mr. And Mrs. Ikoyi. They were first drawn to each other in the show’s first week and hit it off. Their romance was constantly criticized on social media.

Sheggz was called out by viewers on social media because of his abusive manner. He constantly abused Bella on the show and told her how much he could not do without him.

Following Bella’s exit from the house at the end of the show, she revealed that she wasn’t interested in a relationship with Sheggz. In her words, “e no jig”.


Sheggz dated Instagram influencer, Bemi for two years. Bemi revealed that he abused her while they were together. She shared a post detailing the abuse. She wrote,

“I’ve kept quiet all this while because I thought this will all just die down. I’ve moved on with my life; I’m at peace and in a better place mentally. However, one thing I will not allow is to have you people bully me or try to come for my bag.

You have called me all sorts of names; sent death threats and rained numerous curses on me. Over a situation that is true & 100% facts. I have nothing to do with the video resurfacing and the unwarranted harassment is still ongoing.
We dated on & off between 2019-2021.

During the relationship he was mentally & verbally abusive, Narcissistic, very manipulative, overbearing and the list goes on. The video circulating was posted in November 2020 after my leg injury, when we had broken up,”

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