David Mabuza Biography: Age, Family, Salary, Daughter, Education, Qualifications, House & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: David Mabuza
Real Name: David Dabede Mabuza
Occupation:  Politician
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth:  Transvaal, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married (to Nonhlanhla Patience Mnisi)
Education:  University of South Africa

David Mabuza Biography

David Dabede Mabuza is a South African politician and the current deputy president serving under president Cyril Ramaphosa. He is a trained teacher but didn’t get to spend most of his time teaching. His calling was politics.

His political career started back when he was a student and secretary of the Azania Students Organization (AZASO). He joined the United Democratic Front soon after.

He counted Matthews Phosa as a mentor, and the older man was instrumental to his rise, including getting some key positions. For instance, Phosa was instrumental in getting him a MEC position in 1994. In the intervening years, he backed Zuma in his presidential bid. It turned out to be a critical move that paid off much later.

He initially opposed Ramaphosa becoming Zuma’s successor but backed him at the last minute. Today he’s the deputy president of the Rainbow Nation.

David Mabuza hasn’t been without controversies, though. He had been accused of corruption multiple times in the past but has never been convicted.


David Mabuza turned 62 in 2022. That means he popped into the material plane in 1960


It’s unclear who David Mabuza’s daughter is – that is if he has any children at all. The deputy president has been a subject of constant speculation as to whether he has children or not, especially as he’s never been found with one.

The prevailing opinion, however, is that he has no children. We have not been able to verify this independently.


As the vice president of South Africa, David Mabuza has his official residence, which also is, understandably, one of the most secure places in South Africa. But, given his status, he is expected to have a personal house.

Details about that are, of course, shrouded, given how important he is in society.


He might not be the most educated out there, but David Mabuza surely knows the value of education. He attended Khumbula High School, the Mgwenya College of Education, where he earned a certificate in education, and then the University of South Africa, where he earned a bachelor’s degree.


So far, what is known to the public is that David Mabuza, who’s fondly called DD Mabuza, is married and that his family comprises him and his wife. If he has kids, he’s done an excellent job of hiding them from the public. And if he doesn’t, maybe that’s cool with him as well.


For David Mabuza, tribe doesn’t matter as much as getting the job done as the deputy president of South Africa under president Cyril Ramaphosa. He’s black; his exact tribe unknown.

Contact Details

The personal contact details of a deputy president are often protected and hidden from the public. Interestingly, there is an email address to the deputy president’s office. But, of course, there’s no assurance those handling the email would respond to any enquiries sent to the address.

The said email is: deputypresident [a] presidency dot gov dot za.

There is no phone number and no residential address.

However, the deputy president is active on social media, especially on Twitter, where he goes by the handle @DDMabuza. The account is verified.

Popular Questions

  1. What ethnicity is David Mabuza?

David Mabuza is black. His ethnicity within the South African space isn’t exactly clear, however. of course, that has not hindered him from discharging his duties as deputy president of the republic.

  1. Where does David Mabuza come from?

The deputy president is from the Transvaal. It was a South African province from 1910 to 1994, when a new constitution altered it forever. The new figured the end of the apartheid regime.

  1. How old is David Mabuza?

David Mabuza was born in 1960, which makes him 62 years at the time of writing. He celebrated his birthday in August.

  1. Who is David Mabuza’s wife?

Regarding relationships and marriage, David Mabuza has had an interesting run. He was reportedly previously married to Ruth Funi Silinda and then divorced along the line. However, some sources insist they were never married in the real sense of the word – they merely had a relationship.

Whatever the case, the deputy president was married at the time. His wife is Nonhlanhla Patience Mnisi. The two have been together for about two decades. In his relationship with his current wife, although he’s often to be found with her in public, the deputy president has been pretty private.

  1. Is David Mabuza married?

Yes, the deputy president is married. So, if you have designs on him, you might want to bin them right away. He’s taken.

  1. Who is Mabuza’s brother?

David Mabuza’s brother is Mikle Mabuza. Mike appears to be publicity shy, as nothing about him is available. Even the entry about him on the South African government website gave nothing besides his title, his initial, and his given and his surname.

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