Dawn Thandeka King Biography: Age, Ex & Current Husband, Net Worth, Child, House, Family & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Dawn Thandeka King
Real Name: Dawn Thandeka King
Occupation: Actress, Musician, Motivational Speaker
Date Of Birth/Age: 01 October 1977
Place of Birth: Eshowe, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married (to Jabulani Msomi)
Education: Durban University of Technology

Dawn Thandeka King Biography

Dawn Thandeka King is a South African actress and mother of five who has also made a name for herself as a motivational speaker. 

Although she has acted in several flicks, her most famous role appears to be in “Uzalo,” in which she played the role of a strong woman. She would describe the flick as one of her most exciting to date, a role that woke up the tomboy part of her. 


Dawn Thandeka King is currently 43 years. She’ll be 44 in October this year – a month she’s looking forward to, as is the current man in her life a DBN her five children. 

Ex & Current Husband

Dawn Thandeka King’s ex husband is a bussinessman known as Jabulani Msomi. The two grew up together and were married for 15 years until their divorce. 

Theirs might be counted among the most amicable divorces in and in the world. Unlike most couples who would start hating on each other after a divorce, Dawn Thandeka King still speaks well of her husband. In fact, as a rule, she encourages her children to have a strong bond with their father. 

The reason for their divorce has been a subject of speculations. Dawn has given hints, however, including lack of communication and distance (she and her husband lived in different cities because of her acting commitments) . She probably still loves Jabulani Msomi. 

Althoug after her divorce, which she mourned, Dawn had said she wasn’t in a hurry to walk down the marriage path again, she has since found love in the arms of another man. 

Mlungisi is the newest man in Dawn’s life right now. They’re not married yet, Duncan cannot be called her current husband. 


That notwithstanding, it is clear the two of them are seriously in love. They have been sharing pictures of themselves together online, and it is doubtful they’d stop any time soon 

Net Worth

In an industry that appears to thrive on noise, Dawn Thandeka King has not been making all the noises, especially in relation to her net worth. So the figures flying about are guesswork at best. 

Industry chiefs will tell you, however, that she’s among the millionaire figures in the industry. Not bad, we might add, for someone so dedicated to her work


Dawn Thandeka King has five children with her ex-husband. All five children share a common similarity in their names, which all begin with the letter “J”. Jadazia, Jaedon, Jayda, Jaydeen, and Jaedon are Dawn’s children. They happen to be close to her heart. 

Dawn Thandeka King is not among the noisy celebs out there, and much of her assets have not been shared with the world. So, among others, her is still a subject of speculations among fans. 

Anyway, Dawn isn’t doing badly. She’s got a nice crib which she shares with her crib – a place she can, and is happy to call, home. 


Dawn Thandeka King has a large family in which she is well pleased – five children in all. Although she is yet to remarry following her divorce from Jabulani, she’s not ruled out another marriage and more kids. 

Contact Details

Dawn Thandeka King is active in social media, especially Instagram, and might be reached via that medium (@DawnThandeka_King. Her personal phone number has not been made public, however. 

So, in the interim, a direct message or a mention via should be just fine. We’ll update when she makes other avenues of contact public. 

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