Desiree Ellis Biography, Age, Partner, Family, House, Coaching Career, Salary, Net Worth & Children

Basic Information

Stage Name: Desiree Ellis
Real Name: Desiree Ellis
Occupation: Academic: South African Professor of Mathematics
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth:  Cape Town, South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Unknown
Education: Salt River High School

Desiree Ellis Biography

Desiree Ellis is a former South African footballer and current coach of the country’s female team, the Banyana Banyana. As a kid growing up, Ellis was involved in several sports, but her biggest obsession was football. She played the game in the streets with boys and always looked forward to the game.

So deep was the obsession that her mother knows that if her daughter wasn’t at home, she would be at the street match. She lost her father in 1988, leaving her mother, a working-class parent, to take care of the family the best way she could.

After finishing high school, she was unemployed and survived on odd jobs here and there. She juggled those jobs with playing for Spurs ladies. She was committed to the game enough to eventually make it her profession, eventually retiring in her 40s.

Today, she coaches the ladies’ team back home and enjoys every second on the beat

“I pride myself in the long hours I put into my work. I have dedicated my entire life to football and wouldn’t have it any other way.”


Desiree Ellis was born in March 1963, which makes her 60 years at the time of writing.


It is unclear who Desire Ellis’s partner is, assuming she has one.


Details about Ellis’s immediate family are pretty few. However, she is known to have lost her father (Ernest) when she was young and was raised by her widowed mother (Natalie) alongside four siblings: her brother Basir and her sisters Carmelita, Erna (who died in 2010), and Berthina.


As a public figure, there is great interest in where Desire Ellis lives and what her home looks like. However, for security reasons, the exact location of her home is not something she would share with the public. It is unclear where exactly she lives, but it must be somewhere she is comfortable with.

Coaching Career

Desiree Ellis is one coach that walked the route many have and continues to walk. She first played footballer and only dabbled into coaching after retiring as a player. She was into her 40s then – the inception of her coaching career. First, she started coaching courses and also worked as a football analyst on TV.

She also coached in the Sasol Women’s League, a prelude to her snagging the coaching job at Banyana Banyana, The Banyana Banyana job became her big break as it gave her national visibility. And because she has been doing well in that position, The Rainbow Nation has been lavishing her with accolades and goodwill.


Footballers and coaches are said to earn pretty high. However, not all details of their contract are spelt out to the world. That’s the case with Desiree Ellis here, as it is unclear exactly how much she earns as a salary. It is, however, common knowledge that she and her team pocketed about R29.5 million for winning the WAFCON last year.

Net Worth 

When one becomes a public figure or registers as someone of importance socially, the interest in how much they might be worth jumps significantly. Desiree Ellis has not escaped that reality. She wouldn’t be dragged into conversations on how much she is worth, however.

This leaves the floor open for members of the public to speculate and share data, the most conservative being that she is worth about $1 million.


Children are often described as blessings to those who have them. But does Desiree Ellis have children? That is the million-rand question. The female football coach might be a public figure but has managed to keep several aspects of her life from the public, including the children she might have.

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