Dineo Langa Biography: Age, Boyfriend/Husband, House, Net Worth, Movies, Child & Brother

Basic Information

Stage Name: Dineo Langa
Real Name:
Occupation: Actress, TV Personality
Date Of Birth/Age: 20 July 1987
Place of Birth: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married (to Solo Langa)
Education: New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music

Dineo Langa Biography

Dineo Langa is a South African actress and television personality. Born in 1987, she may not have been the earliest to jump into the world of acting, but she’s made her mark in the field and become of of the most loved faces.

So deep is her acting, and such is the appeal of her onscreen character that some of her fans have taken to calling her by her onscreen name. she doesn’t exactly fancy this, though.

But then it takes nothing from the fact she’s a good actress.


Born in 1987, Dineo Langa is currently 34 years. She’ll be 35 a couple of months from now.


Dineo Langa used to have a boyfriend. But that bloke is now her husband, Ntsizwa Ka Mthimkhulu (Zothile Langa).

Known simply as Solo Langa, this rapper has made music for more than a decade. He had reportedly quit the University of Johannesburg, where he was studying accounting, to pursue music.


Known for being mostly private about several aspects of her life, her house is one thing Dineo Langa would not tell you about. Although most celebrities would post and scream about their latest crib acquisitions, Dineo would rather keep quiet about hers.

The lack of appetizing details about her house notwithstanding, she’s said to share a decent crib with her husband Solo.

Net Worth

When most celebs are named, what comes to mind for some people is a question, “What’s his or her net worth?” Well, Dineo Ranaka doesn’t much care about the net worth thing.

Her focus so far has been her art and in making an impact around her. That notwithstanding, the word out there is that she has a net worth of $400k – not a bad sum by South African standards.


Dineo Langa has had an interesting – and, some would say, illustrious – career. In the years since popping on the movie scene in South Africa, she had featured on Scandal and The Queen.

In The Queen, she had played the role of Kea Khoza. Interestingly, some of her fans had taken to calling her Kea soon after. However, she adamantly rejected being called that name in real life, noting that fans should learn to differentiate between an onscreen character and the real person – and respect that.

So whenever you run into her, make it a point not to address her by the character she played but the character she is – Dineo – to avoid drama.


In 2020, Dineo Langa was part of the baby shower for her friend, and because she had shared images from the occasion, word had quickly spread that she was expecting a child.

Also, around that period, a journalist had insinuated because she looked in a dress she wore while sitting with her husband that she was pregnant. She’d given the middle finger to the journalist for the insinuation.

She didn’t have a child at the time. And now, writing, she still doesn’t have a child.


Dineo Langa is mostly private about aspects of her life, but she never hesitates to celebrate her “big brother” Loyiso MacDonald and how far they have come and still have to go in their careers.

It cannot be established that Loyiso MacDonald is his biological brother. So they probably have a deep bond as actors that have worked together. Still, their bond is the envy of most.

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