Dineo Ranaka Biography Age, Boyfriend, Dad, House & Cars

Basic Information

Stage Name: Dineo Ranaka
Real Name: Dineo Ranaka
Occupation: DJ, MC, Television Host
Date Of Birth/Age: 16 December 1983 (36 Years)
Place of Birth: Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, Soweto, South Africa.
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single

Dineo Ranaka Biography

Dineo Ranaka is one of the notable media personalities in right now. She combines the offices of a DJ, MC, television host, and businesswoman. It must be said she has done well in them all.

She was born 36 years ago to Siba Ranaka (mother) and Kgotlaesele Ranaka (father), to whom she happens to be very close to this day. Her mother is said to be an accomplished businesswoman, so one may as well say Dineo inherited her business sense from her mother.

A firm believer in the power of the mind, the radio DJ is determined those around her should use this critical faculty to their advantage. Her social media channels may as well pass for avenues to personal growth.

For the woman she is today, she is particularly grateful to her father, who she describes as the root of her strong personality. In fact, based on what her father taught her as a young girl, she has a thing for strong men with a robust sense of purpose.


Many celebs out there would hide their ages, leaving the world guessing. Not Dineo. She has no qualms making her age public.

Dineo Ranaka was born 16 December 1983, so this makes her one of the millennials out there. And oh, she’s one of the most accomplished, too.


The DJ and radio personality would rather describe her status as “dating” – meaning she might still be open to new experiences.

At this point, though, it might be said she has had her fair share of lovers and heartbreaks, too. Last we checked she has kids

She had a daughter with Blaklez. Right now, though, Dineo and are not in a relationship. In fact, Dineo Ranaka recently showed off her new man – a bod she refused to name, leaving fans guessing.

Whatever relationship she is in now, she is probably in a good place, as fans are speaking of her sudden new glow.


Dineo Ranaka has a father in whom she is apparently well pleased. In fact, she describes the septuagenarian as a man with a beautiful soul. Many got to know him, Kgotlaesele Ranaka, following his appearance on the family’s television show, The Ranakas.

Her relationship with her dad is unapologetically profound. This should surprise no one in that they got pretty close early. In fact, so deep was the relationship that her dad was the first to notice when she had her first menstruation.

Her dad told her about the changes she would be undergoing as a woman and even taught her how to use a pad.

Kgotlaesele Ranaka raised her daughters to be strong and for this Dineo is grateful. In fact, Dineo has made it clear she cannot tolerate a spineless man or one that is intellectually vacuous.

House & Car

Dineo Ranaka is one of the Car-loving celebs out there. Recently, she bought herself a gold-hue BMW SUV.

She also has a pricey Range Rover. She had apparently been saving for the new whip, and when she got it, she celebrated. She elected to buy the SUV on a symbolic day: International Women’s Day.

Clearly, based on what she posted following the purchase of the new ride, it took her 7 seven years. But then she got what she has always wanted.

The white vehicle was involved in an accident awhile back. A road user named Paulos Mnguni had stated that the TV personality’s collided with his Tata Indica, which was later written off.

Dineo reportedly lives in her own house in the Johannesburg area.

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