DJ Fresh Biography: Age, Net Worth, Wife, House, Radio, Bursary, Booking Fee & Tattoo

Basic Information

Stage Name: DJ Fresh
Real Name: Thato Sikwane
Occupation: Disc Jockey, Radio Host, Producer, Entrepreneur
Date Of Birth/Age: 15 October 1972 (48 years old)
Place of Birth: Botswana
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married
Education: Maru-a-Pula Boarding School


Thato Sikwano, popularly known as DJ Fresh is a Motswana radio DJ, producer and entrepreneur based in South Africa. He is currently the host of the Afternoon Drive show on 947 which he has done since 2019. He has also released several House music hit songs and mixes and worked for SABC radio stations; 5FM, MetroFM, and YFM, & Kaya FM.

He is considered one of South Africa’s most successful radio presenters, with three decades of career.

Early Life & Career

Thato Sikwane was born in Botswana, where he spent a few years. He currently resides in Jozi, South Africa where he lived in 1995.

DJ Fresh first discovered his musical talent during his early teens. Then, at age 13, he began demonstrating his ability to Deejay. This happened a Maru-a-Pula, a top boarding school which he attended. DJ Fresh also attended Law School but left to pursue a Deejaying career before graduating. At the time, he was enrolled in full-time media studies, specializing in advertising and journalism.

He later enrolled at the Boston Media House where he grew his talent in the entertainment industry. DJ Fresh is regarded as one of South Africa’s most exciting media personalities. He has one of the most stable careers in the media which has spanned over three decades. Fresh makes regular television appearances and actively involves in socially uplifting courses.


DJ Fresh was born on 15 October 1972. He is 48 years old.


Thato Sikwane, DJ Fresh has married Thabiso Sikwane for many years. They met while DJ Fresh worked at YFM. He was only a news

reader at the radio station at the time.

The couple has four children. The first child (born outside the 17-year-old married) is a 26-year-old young woman, followed by a 17-year-old son, then an 11-year-old daughter and a five-year-old son who is the last. DJ Fresh is also a grandfather.


DJ Fresh is considered one of the most significant contributors to the House music genre. He is famous for the “Club Y Session 2” album, which was released in 2003. He is also known for the songs “Afro Blue,” “Afro Samba,” “Comme Si, Comme Sa,” and more. He is also famous for the mixes “Club Y,” “Surge,” “Definition of House,” and more.

Radio Presenter Career

DJ Fresh began his debut as a radio presenter on the Botswana RB2 Radio Show in 1992. The exposure played a remarkable role in his career as a radio presenter.

In 1997, DJ Fresh joined the YFM regional station as a host for the afternoon program. He coined the term Yona Ke Yona during his time at the station. He switched to the Morning Drive in 2003 and finally left the station in 2006 to join 5 FM national radio station. The move helped his radio presenting career. He later joined Metro FM, Urban Radio Station, where he hosted the Breakfast Show. In 2019, he announced that he had joined 947 as host of the Afternoon Drive.


DJ Fresh awards bursaries to students completing their matric year. The bursary covers three years only of tuition studying any course of their choice at the University of Johannesburg.

Back Tattoo

DJ Fresh’s back is decorated with tattoos of the faces of several great African leaders including Nelson Mandela, Samora Machel, Seretse Khama and more.

Net Worth

Sunday World reports that DJ Fresh is the highest-paid radio presenter in South Africa with a reported hourly pay of R3,600 at Metro FM. His actual net worth is yet to be unveiled. However, in 2020 ZALEBS reported that he is worth $ 2 million.

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