DJ Glen Lewis Biography: Age, Real Name, Net Worth, Wife, Albums & Songs

Basic Information

Stage Name: DJ Glen Lewis
Real Name: Lewis Mpotseng Tshinaba
Occupation: Singer, Radio DJ, Record Producer
Date Of Birth/Age: 13 March 1975
Place of Birth: Pimville, Soweto, Gauteng Province, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status:
Education: Institute of Marketing Management

DJ Glen Lewis Biography

DJ Glen Lewis, born Lewis Mpotseng Tshinaba in Pimville, Soweto, is a South African disc jockey, record producer and radio host who many often mistake for a Canadian neo soul singer of the same name. 

And with DJ Glen Lewis doing next to nothing to truly distinguish himself from the Canadian, the confusion only grows, with some music lovers attributing some of the Canadians works to the South African. 

DJ Glen Lewis delved into the world of music after completing high school and has not looked back. His radio career began at Metro FM in 1995. He hosted several shows at the station before leaving in 2017.

Thereafter, he had moved to Touch HD, where he spent a year and then joined Radio 2000, where he anchored a show called The Glenzito Super drive on weekdays, from 3-6pm.

His career at the station ended abruptly after he was fired for playing music from his device, against the station’s playlist policy. He was later recalled to the station. In the intervening years, he has managed to warm the hearts of music lovers and is today justly famous. 


Born in 1975, DJ Glen Lewis is currently 46 years. The songster celebrated his birthday in March, exactly three month earlier. 

Real Name

DJ Glen Lewis’ real name is Lewis Mpotseng Tshinaba. The “DJ” part of his adopted stage name reflects the nature of his job. It is unknown why he adopted “Glen” as part of his stage name, but it has since stuck to him. 

Net Worth

He may not be the richest radio DJ and music producer out there, but DJ Glen Lewis is doing great as an entertainer. 

While his exact net worth isn’t publicly known – like several aspects of his life – it is obvious the songster is doing quite well as a DJ and entertainer. He’s said to be one of the millionaire figures in the industry. For one who has shown great devotion to his art, we should say that’s not bad, really. 


For one who is in the public eye, in his middle 40s, and has released several songs, DJ Glen Lewis has managed to keep several aspects of his life private, including who his spouse might be. 

The current mystery notwithstanding, we promise to bring you more details about his spouse when it is publicly available. Stay tuned. 

By the way, who his wife might be is not the only mysterious aspect of his life. The songster has also successfully kept from the public information on his kids – if any. 

Albums & Songs

Many some peeps are unaware of is that not only is DJ Glen Lewis a successful radio DJ and producer, he’s also a maker of mixes. You may say albums. 

Among the mixes credited to him are “Live From a Secret Location” and “Live From Vinny’s Birthday Tour.”

Of course, it is obvious he is most famous for his DJ post as well as his position as radio host. It is interesting that in an industry where many are trying to advertise their names out there, DJ Glen Lewis has managed not to do the same – or simply doesn’t care. Any wonder, then, that many often confuse him for the Canadian singer of the same name? 

Are there aspects of the songster you think we left out? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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