DJ Sumbody Biography: Real Name, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Radio, Music Career & Businesses

Basic Information

Stage Name: DJ Sumbody
Real Name: Oupa John Sefoka
Occupation: Singer, DJ, Producer
Date Of Birth/Age: 9  June (Dead)
Place of Birth: Pretoria, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status:
Education: Tshwane University of Technology

DJ Sumbody Biography

DJ Sumbody, the South African disc jockey producer whose birth name is Oupa John Sefoka, was born decades ago. He happened to have found his calling early and plodded right away into the world of music.

Although his parents would have loved him to complete his university education, DJ Sumbody has other ideas and robust faith in the call of music upon his life. He ditchedd his studies and immersed himself in music. The result has been early success for the Pretoria-born muso.

Right now, one just cannot miss his name on a list of Mzansi musos who are successful in music as well as in business.

The DJ has the good fortune of making a success of virtually everything he sets out to do.


Has DJ Sumbody any stint in radio? Sure. Besides music, the songster is also a radio presenter. In fact, at some point, he ran a show called Expresso Show.

Also, of the many songs he has released, you’ll certainly find a couple of radio edits. Ready examples include “Tonight (Radio Edit)” and Suk’emabhozeni (Radio edit).


DJ Sumbody was born on 9 June. The year of his birth is something he is keeping very close to his chest. From the looks of it, the muso would rather have his fans and just about any interested party focus on his music and not the year of his birth.

Funny enough, by the time you immerse yourself completely in his music, his age would be the least of your worries. Yup. You would be so totally consumed that the thought of when he was born will be irrelevant.

Net Worth

In show business, noise and showing off seem to be the trend. From the looks of it, DJ Sumbody is not one to follow the zeitgeist here. The champ is pretty quiet about the bag – although it is clear he is really securing it.

While we can’t give the exact figure of his net worth, we can tell you that he is one of the successful DJs in Mzansi, with business interests beyond the entertainment industry, and apparently one of the millionaires in the game.

Given his artistry and devotion to his art, one can only envisage more rand leaps for the muso.


The Pretoria-born disc jockey co-owns Ayepyep Lifestyle brand with his business partner Kagiso Setsetse.


It is not known to the public whether DJ Sumbody was married or had a girlfriend before his death.

Music Career

DJ Sumbody might be described as one of those musos who are totally obsessed with music. He had a chance to go to Tshwane University of Technology but dropped out halfway to pursue his DJ dreams.

Looking back, it is not a decision he regrets. The songster has become one of the notable disc jockys in South Africa, high in demand. Not surprisingly, he has also masterminded some very fine numbers, including the hits “Monate Mpolaye” (with Cassper Nyovest and Vettis) and “Ayepyep,” featuring DJ Tira, Thebe and Emza.

“Ayepyep” is also the name of a restaurant and lounge run by the muso. The title, interestingly, was also adopted as a counterpoint to Wololo of gqom. DJ Sumbody, a notable voice, had stated this much in a recent interview.

It is unknown why the songster adopted the stage name of Sumbody (which sounds so like somebody), but then one can’t begrudge him the name seeing as he has long become somebody in South African  and indeed African music – an important voice so to speak.

Are there vital points about him we missed?

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