DJ Zinhle Biography: Age, Net Worth, House, Cars, Daughter, Boyfriend/Husband & Businesses


Stage Name:  DJ Zinhle
Real Name Zinhle Jiyane
Occupation  DJ and Record producer
Date of Birth (How old is DJ Zinhle?) 30 December 1983 (39 Years Old)
Place of Birth Dannhauser, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa
Gender  Female
Nationality South African
Relationship status Single
Education  College Graduate

DJ Zinhle Biography

Born on the 30th of December 1983, Zinhle Jiyane, popularly known by her stage name DJ Zinhle is one of the most celebrated DJs in South Africa. She came into the music eye when she released her “My Name Is’ track featuring Busiswa, although she had been performing as a DJ for Radio and TV stations. Over the years, she has been able to carve a niche for herself, collaborating and producing songs for top artists. Her recent offering, “Umlilo” was named the best song in SA due to its positive reception from music fans.

 Family & Beginning

Where is DJ Zinhle originally from?

DJ Zinhle was originally born in  Dannhauser, a small town in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. The DJ has two brothers, one of her brothers; Zak taught her how to work with the deck and mix songs. Although she was trained as a TV personnel, she had an interest in song mixing, and due to her brother’s job as a sound engineer, she could pull through with the dream.


What qualifications does DJ Zinhle have?

DJ Zinhle attended her primary, secondary and college education in South Africa. Like every artist interested in music, she started performing her art as far back as college, although she majored in media.

Musical Milestone

What does DJ Zinhle do for a living?

DJ Zinhle got her first break when she caught the attention of one of the most respected top DJs and producers, DJ Oskido. Music for the DJ started as an interest in what she loved to do. As a sound engineer, her brother back then had access to equipment and seeing how interested DJ Zinhle was, he offered to teach her to mix. The DJ booked her first gig in 2004, and her career started fully in 2006 when she started as a DJ for a local TV show, Jika Majika. The opportunity further pushed her forward and led to the release of her song “My Name Is,” featuring Busiswa.

DJ Zinhle Albums

DJ Zinhle, since her debut in the music industry, has released four studio albums.

  1. Feminine touch (2009)
  2. I Put It In (2011)
  3. Tsa Blomo (2011)
  4. Ashaayein (2018)

DJ Zinhle Songs

DJ Zinhle, since her debut, has released over ten songs and four albums. Here are her songs in no actual order.

  1. -DJ Zinhle- Colours
  2. -DJ Zinhle- My Name Is
  3. -DJ Zinhle- Pepe
  4. -DJ Zinhle- Umlilo
  5. -DJ Zinhle- Black motion ritual mix
  6. -DJ Zinhle- Thabzen bibo
  7. -DJ Zinhle- Heavy Duty
  8. -DJ Zinhle- Blaq soul Zulu dance
  9. -DJ Zinhle- Against the Grain
  10. -DJ Zinhle- Uzobuya

DJ Zinhle’s House and Cars

DJ Zinhle owns an expensive, luxurious, beautiful house in Johannesburg, and it took her two years to build the house, according to an Instagram post. However, the contractor built the house to her taste as she was involved from the very early stage of the development.

Zinhle has a cool BMW Convertible, which is her current car. She bought herself the vehicle in 2020 and shared a picture on Instagram.

Before buying the BMW, the singer has used different brands, and types of cars, some of which include:

Hyundai SUV

Hyundai Van

Range Rover Lumi

DJ Zinhle’s Performance and Presence

DJ Zinhle has performed at a lot of local and international shows. In addition, she has made several TV appearances, Club appearances. She has also performed at top events and festivals in South Africa.

DJ Zinhle’s Boyfriend

Dj Zinhle is dating an industry colleague when writing this article, and they are both madly in love. His name is Bongani Mohosana, Popularly known as Murdah Bongz, a member of the famous South African duo Black Motion. Before Murdah Bongz, Dj Zinhle was in a long-term relationship with the late rapper AKA and they have a child named Kairo.

She separated from her baby daddy AKA, in a relationship that was a bit on and off for a while. They have a daughter together named Kaiiro Forbes.

Awards and Nominations

DJ Zinhle has gotten various awards and nominations since her debut. Among these is Song of the year for South African Music Awards (SAMA) 2019 and Chanel O Awards nominations. In addition, she has also gotten various awards and endorsement deals with top brands in the country.

 DJ Zinhle’s Net Worth

DJ Zinhle’s net worth is estimated at 1 million dollars. This is calculated from payments for show performances, album sales, Money made from her Youtube views, endorsement deals, Properties and investments. The artiste is doing well for herself financially and is one of the top artists in South Africa. She has carved a niche in the industry that others look up to.

DJ Zinhle’s Songs Download, Stream, Buy and Watch

DJ Zinhle’s album and mixtapes are available on all major platforms.

DJ Zinhle is one of the top DJs in South Africa who came to the music scene fully equipped. She has made that evident with the hit songs she has been dishing out since her debut.

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