Dudu Myeni Biography: Age, Qualifications, Husband, Net Worth, Cars & Jacob Zuma Relationship

Basic Information

Stage Name: Dudu Myeni
Real Name: Duduzile Cynthia Myeni
Occupation: Businesswoman
Date Of Birth/Age: 29 October 1963
Place of Birth:
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married

Dudu Myeni Biography

Duduzile “Dudu” Myeni is a South African businesswoman and close associate of former president Jacob Zuma.

Born in South Africa, Dudu has a secondary teacher’s diploma. Her tertiary qualifications are sources of controversy but have not stopped her from rising in South Africa’s national life. In 2009, she sat on the South African Airways board of directors and became board chairperson after eight members resigned.

Her tenure was riddled with controversies and alleged witchhunt. Despite all the controversies, Dudu sticks to her story of not having done anything wrong. Zuma, with whom she was close, may no longer be in power, but Dudu Myeni is still influential.


Dudu Myeni was born on 29 October 1963, which makes her 58 years at the time of writing. But, unlike most notable public figures, she’s not exactly big on birthdays, and you would rarely hear of a wild party to celebrate her big day.


Dudu Myeni’s qualifications have, sporadically, been subjects of controversies. She was initially thought to have obtained a bachelor’s degree in administration from the University of Zululand – as seen in a 2009 South African Airways report.

Much later, though, the qualification was struck out from print when Dudu Myeni admitted she was still in school. It’s unclear if she actually completed the programme and what her current qualifications are.


Dudu Myeni might be a public figure, but many details about her are pretty much hidden from the public, including what her husband might. Her husband might not be known to many members of the public, but there have been jokes and rumours about who he might be. We will treat that in the concluding part of this piece.

Net Worth

The net worth of public figures is almost always a subject of interest for many people. What’s the weight of their “bags”? How did they make their money? Anyway, Dudu myeni is one figure whose net worth many people are scouring for.

The businesswoman herself is uninterested in a discussion of her net worth. She only wants to get the job done. How much rolls in and how much she has been able to accumulate are stuff she would rather keep close to her chest.

That notwithstanding, multiple sources give a conservative estimate of her net worth as $ 1 million. By South African standards, that’s a pretty decent sum.


It has often been said that cars are pointers to how much a person is worth. While we do not subscribe to the same view, we know for sure that they can give some clues.

Dudu Myeni is not a car freak, and you would rarely find her in the news for having purchased a car or cars. However, a close look through her itinerary indicated that she owns a Mercedes Benz SUV. It’s unclear if she owns other vehicles.


It’s on record that Dudu Myeni was pretty close to when he was president. That closeness had even led to speculations that was in a relationship with her. There’s no evidence to support this, however.

The EFF leader Julius Malema had once called her Dudu Myeni during a speech in parliament. This provoked umbrage from a section of Mzansi, with some peeps accusing him of undermining Dudu Myeni’s marital integrity with his statement.

She had responded that she was waiting for her husband’s retirement to confront those who called her husband.

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