Duduzane Zuma Biography: Wife, Net Worth, Age, Mother, Cars, House, Child, ANC, Education & Qualifications

Basic Information

Stage Name: Duduzane Zuma
Real Name: Duduzane Zuma
Occupation: Businessman, Politician
Date Of Birth/Age: 20 May 1984
Place of Birth: Maputo, Mozambique
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married (to Shanice Stork)
Education: Nelson Mandela University School of Information and Communication Technology

Duduzane Zuma Biography

Duduzane Zuma is one of the many children of the former South African president Jacob Zuma. He is also the most visible .

Born in 1984, the songster lost his mother in 2000, when he was still a kid. In the intervening years, he had worked his way into the consciousness of many in South Africa.

However, he only gained serious public attention when his father became president. He has remained in the spotlight since.


Duduzane Zuma married Shanice Stork in 2015 in a colourful ceremony. He was 31 at the time. While Duduzane appears to revel in public attention and controversies and appears to court them avidly, Shanice is publicity shy and stays away from the news.

She was said to have gotten pregnant in 2007 and had to cut short her Dubai trip. While Dudu is married to Shanice at the moment, he had made it clear in an interview that he is an Africanist at heart and therefore open to polygamy.

In the interim, though, she appears to be focused on the wife of his youth. Would he eventually follow his father in the path of polygamy? Time will tell

His infatuation with polygamy notwithstanding, Duduzan Zuma has denied any romantic involvement with Thuli Phongolo, who in turn denied ever knowing him

Net Worth

Duduzane Zuma has interest in several companies in South Africa. Among the companies he has been linked with are Gemini Moon 254, Westdawn Investments and Shiva Uranium.

The accurate sum of his net worth isn’t out there, so peeps speculate at best. That notwithstanding, he’s a millionaire figure in South Africa’s business and political circles and is admired on that count.


Born in 1984, Duduzane Zuma is currently 37 years. Thanks to his father’s position in the country, he had opportunities many can only dream of and has accomplished much as a millennial.


Duduzane Zuma’s mother is the late Kate Zuma (nee Mantsho). She died back in 2000, reportedly by drug overdose.

She was believed to be suffering from depression because of her strained relationship with Jacob Zuma

She was 44 at the time, when Jacob Zuma was the vice president of the Rainbow Nation. Frank Chikane, a director general in the presidency back then, had stated that Kate had called him to let him know what she did.

She died while being rushed to a hospital in Pretoria. She had five kids for Zuma.


Duduzane Zuma is one of the car-loving Mzansi celebs out there. Among others, he owns a Porsche 911 Turbo. In 2014, the car was involved in an in which one person died.

Zuma had rammed his whip into another vehicle, killing a passenger and injuring three others. At the time of the crash, the police had been severely criticized for not following appropriate procedure, like a breath analyzer test on Duduzane, to determine what actually happened.

By the way, he is said to have gotten his Porsche thanks to his association with the Guptas, a family that’s currently under investigation for corruption and state capture.


Duduzane Zuma is said to own a luxury home in South African and another in Dubai. His Dubai apartment is in the swanky Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the United Arab Emirates and in the world

He’s said to have financed the R18 million property via one of the companies he owns with the Gupta brothers. He had apparently paid an initial deposit of R1‚778‚916 in 2015 before completing it later same year.

A little controversy erupted at the time the house was acquired, with some claiming then President Jacob Zuma was the owner of the house. But a presidential spokesman had denied it, claiming the president has no house in South Africa, nor does he plan to acquire one.


Duduzane Zuma is said to her a child with Shanice Stork whom he married in 2015. About the birth of the child, Shanice Stork has been completely secretive, reportedly deleting images she had posted of him.


The ANC (African National Congress) is the leading party in South Africa and one to which Duduzane Zuma belongs – like his father the former president of South Africa.

Last year, the younger Zuma indicated he would be challenging the current president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, at the polls in 2024. The reason for wanting to lead the Rainbow Nation, according to him, is that the country currently lacks a sense of direction.

Education & Qualifications

Duduzane Zuma attended Pretoria Boys High School and the Nelson Mandela University School of Information and Communication Technology, where he studied information technology.

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