Eugene Mthethwa Biography: Age, Wife, Education, Net Worth, Qualifications, Children, House & Cars

Basic Information

Stage Name: Eugene Mthethwa or Donald Duck
Real Name: Eugene Mthethwa
Occupation: Artist, Composer, Music Producer, Studio Engineer
Date Of Birth/Age: Unknown
Place of Birth: South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Lindelwa (Wife)
Education: Inhlakanipho High School
University of the Witwatersrand


Eugene Mthethwa, popularly known as Donald Duck, is best known as a member of the singing group Trompies. He is renowned for being outspoken and standing for what he believes him. He is one of the South African music industry’s famous activists. In 2019, Mthethwa was involved in an uproar with the then minister of Arts and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa.

On 19 February 2021, Mthethwa chained himself to a pole at the South African Music Rights Organization’s offices, demanding his royalties. The singer claimed that he had not received his royalties since 1998. He also eulogized his friend Emmanuel Matsane and blamed drunk driving for his accident.

The Trompies have sold over half a million records since 1995. They have also successfully produced and managed other artists through their record label Kalawa Jazmee.


The age of Eugene Mthethwa is unknown to the public. He has never shared it with fans.


Eugene Mthethwa is married to Lindelwa Mthethwa. His family was once featured in an exclusive interview with Drum Magazine. In June 2020, Sunday World reported that Eugene and his wife, Lindelwa were on the verge of divorce. The article revealed that the Trompies star had even gone as far as moving out of their family home in Midrand and taking up residence in their Bloubosrand-based home in Johannesburg. The article further revealed that the couple’s marriage had been rocky since 2017.

According to reports, they had a massive fight that changed everything. A source claimed they were shocked at the outcome of the couple’s fight, saying, “It was unexpected, we were shocked. Now she has asked for a divorce and wants to move on with her life.” This was around the time of his fight with Nathi Mthethwa. The singer was reported dumped by his wife and his band.


Eugene Mthethwa attended Inhlakanipho High School. He proceeded to study Law and International Relations at the University of the Witwatersrand.

Net Worth

The exact estimate of Eugene Mthethwa’s net worth is unknown to the public. Neither he nor anyone on his team has revealed it. The singer once chained himself to a pole at the South African Music Rights Organization’s offices, demanding his royalties. He claimed he had not received his royalties since 1998. He also owns several properties.


Eugene Mthethwa has done a lot of work through the years. For nine years, he worked as a director at Kalawa Jazmee Records (1996-2005). From 2003 to 2009, he was a director at Kaasi Records. From 2009 to 2011, he was the Acting Director – Stake Holder Relations at the Presidency of the Republic of South Africa, and Deputy Director – Public Liaison and Presidential hotline. 2011 to 2013, he was the Executive Director for Business Development at Mvunonala Holdings. From 2012 to 2015, he was the General Secretary of the Creative Workers Union of South Africa. 2013-2016, he was CEO of Topcrew Home Brew Movies. He was MD of Throne Empire Holdings from Sept. 2019 to May 2020. From November 2014 to July 2021, he was President of the South African Music Industry Council.


Eugene Mthethwa and his wife Lindelwa are parents to three children, two boys and a girl. His family was featured in an article by Drum Magazine in 2014. Not much information is known about his children. The singer revealed in the interview that his family always comes first despite his work as a musician and an activist.


Not much is known about Eugene Mthethwa’s houses. However, according to reports by the media, he is known to own two properties in Johannesburg. His wife is believed to live in one, while he reported moved into their Bloubosrand-located home after his fight with her in June 2020.


Not much information is known about the cars that Eugene Mthethwa owns. He has not shared any photos of them on social media.

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