Felix Hlophe Biography, Age, Wife, Salary, Children, House, Cars & Net Worth

Basic Information

Stage Name: Felix Hlophe
Real Name: Felix Hlophe
Occupation: Media Personality, Comedian
Date Of Birth/Age: 11 November
Place of Birth: Durban, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married

Felix Hlophe Biography

The world of comedy in isiZulu is not something many are familiar with. However, one man is pretty popular in it – or, as some tweeps have noted, has made it pretty popular. His name is Felix Hlophe.

This Zulu man was born in South Africa and has spent all his life there. In that period, though, he had found his calling – that of comedy and presenting and made a success of both.

From when he was young, he knew he could make people laugh. So it was easy deciding to take up standup comedy. he was lucky to have the support of his parents. So he pushed ahead in the spirit of comedy. In the intervening years, he had not only honed his skills but also emerged as one of the most popular standup comedians in isiZulu. His jokes on radio are a staple for many South Africans.


While some celebs are cool with sharing their dates f birth, some would rather keep that information close to their chest. Felix Hlophe falls into the second category. While the day and month of his birth are public knowledge (11 November), his year of birth remains a mystery. Some sources claim that he was born in the 1970s, but we cannot independently verify that information.


Felix Hlophe is a married man. So, if you have designs on him, best to look away as he is no longer on the market. Back in 2018, the comedian got married to the love of his life in a colourful ceremony in Durban. The day before, he had his bachelorette.  Husband and wife have been inseparable ever since.


Hlophe not only worked as a comedian, but he also worked at Gagasi FM. It is not known how much he earned while at the station. It is also unclear how much he charges for shows as a comedian.


He might be a popular isiZulu comedian, but there aren’t many details about the comedian’s personal life, including his children. However, a source points to him having a child called AMile Hlophe. he likely has other children.


A celebrity’s house is another source of great curiosity for the general public, This curiosity is also the reason many celebs invest in a good crib. After all, it is another avenue of good PR – to show the world their brand is flourishing and they are not stranded on the breadline.

Well, Hlophe lives in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It is unclear exactly what his home looks like and how long he has been living there.


While the public might not be too interested in what ordinary folks are driving, the vehicles of celebrities are sources of great interest. For this reason, most celebs make it a point to invest in a good car that shows that they are made and not struggling in any way. Well, the comedian is said to own a BMW. It is unclear how many cars he owns and what makes they are.

Net Worth

One thing about celebrities is that there is outsized interest in how much they are worth – a reality they rarely experience before fame. So how much is Felix Hlophe worth? The comedian rarely dwells on that, however, sources claim that he has a net worth of about $700k.

The sum is pretty impressive by South African standards, but we cannot independently verify it.

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