Gemini Major Biography, Songs, Albums, Awards, Education, Net Worth, Age & Relationships

Basic Information

Stage Name: Gemini Major
Real Name: Benn Gilbert Kamoto
Occupation: Singer-Songwriter, record producer
Date Of Birth/Age: 14 June 1990 (32 Years Old)
Place of Birth: Malawi
Gender: Male
Nationality: Malawian/ South African
Marital Status: Single

Gemini Major Biography

The world of South African music may have recorded a big win when Gemini major crossed over to the Rainbow Nation from Malawi, his country of birth. Years later, his Malawian roots are barely visible. Many simply know and refer to him as a South African producer.

Well, one can’t begrudge him the title of South African producer, having produced for some of th finest voices in the game in South Africa. Think Major league. Think Nasty C. Think AKA. Think DJ Speedsta. Think Cassper Nyovest… And no, he isn’t done with the world of producing.

Born on Benn Gilbert Kamoto on 4 June 1990, Gemini Major’s other adopted stage name is Rudebouy Major. He completed high school in 2017 and had his IT two years later. Convinced South Africa holds greater promise for his music career, he moved to the country in 2009. Thus began his life as an artiste and producer.

A chance encounter with Family Tree boss Cassper Nyovest during a video shoot set Gemini Major on the path into mainstream music and encounters with other important names in the industry.


Having songs to one’s name is what makes one qualified for the tag singer. Gemini Major is a singer and songwriter. But his fame rests mostly on the work he has done as a producer. He’s producers hit tracks for fellow musicians and for himself, too.

Gemini Major’s songs are pretty few – and that’s only because he has chosen to focus on producing for other artiste. Occasionally, however, he pops the numbers, throwing fans in a frenzy of excitement on the dance floor.

The following Gemini Major songs might interest you.

Gemini Major Ft. Nasty C & Tellaman – Right Now

Issa Vibe

Badman Drip

Gemini Major – Ragga Ragga Ft. Riky Rick, Cassper Nyovest, Nadia Nakai &


For many out there, an is the ultimate introduction to an artiste’s powers. So artistes often take their time releasing one. Gemini Major is no different. His songs are few, agreed. And his albums? He is on record to have just one, “Gem n Eye,” released in 2015 by Lalela Music.

“Gem n Eye” was a 10-track compilation released 1 February. It may have been five years since the album’s release, but the songs in the compilation will still attract attention today.

So, if you are looking for an interesting journey into the Major world, you can begin right here with album, which is still available on Apple Music.


It has been said that awards are the true indices of the impact someone has made in a particular field. This is not particularly true, as some artistes who have made significant impact in the genre have won nothing.

Anyway, we can’t point to the strings of awards Gemini major has won. But then we know that he had been nominated for the Producer of The year in the South African Hip Hop Awards. He was nominated in the same category the following year.

Well, awards or no, there’s no disputing he’s made great impact in South African music. And he is still on the beat, still good and worth every minute of a music lover’s listening time.


Information on the muso’s educational background is pretty scanty. It has been said he doesn’t have a college degree. But then he is pretty articulate as a speaker and makes a fine conversationalist.

This much is apparent from interviews he had granted the press.

Net Worth

What is Gemini Major’s net worth in 2020? The songster is pretty quiet and his possessions. But then we know he is not in the billionaire’s league. He may be counted among the millionaires in Mzansi’s music haven.

The exact figure of his net worth is unknown. It appears that is pretty cool by him, the public not knowing his exact net worth.

Age & Relationship

Gemini Major turned 30 in June this year. He has reportedly been involved with several ladies in the past. But by far his most visible relationship is that with Rowlene, a signee to Nasty C’s Tall Racks Records.

The two have been linked since 2018. In fact Rowlene went public about their relationship at some point, calling him “possessive,” for he barely gave her space to see other people.

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