Goodman Mosele Biography: Age, Salary, Home Language, Cars, House, Net Worth & Parents

Basic Information

Stage Name: Goodman Mosele
Real Name: Goodman Mosele
Occupation: South African Professional Footballer
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth:  Khuma, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single

Goodman Mosele Biography

Goodman Mosele is a South African Professional footballer currently part of the Buccaneers — Orlando Pirates Football club. 

He previously played for Baroka FC, where he was seen as one of the leading lights on the pitch. He carried the same charming on-pitch energy into the Pirates’ side. 

He grew up liking Bayern Munich and their style of play and sees himself fitting easily into their system. Although focused on the home side for now, he hopes to visit Brazil one day. 


Goodman Mosele is 23 years at the time of writing. He would be 24 later this year. 


Footballers earn pretty high, especially when they are good and are part of a top-flight club. It is unclear exactly how much he makes as a player at Orlando Pirates. However, some news sources claim he earns R150k a month as part of the Buccaneers

Home Language

Goodman Mosele is Xhosa, and he is proud of his roots. He recalled struggling a bit at some point in his life because, as a family, they moved to an area where the Xhosa language wasn’t deeply rooted and spoken like in their previous location. But all that is in the past now, as he is able to blend in new environments with ease. 


One quality people often point out about footballers is their love for luxury cars and the good life generally. There are exceptions, though, as some of them really don’t care. 

In 2020, during an interview, Goodman was asked what car he owned, and he readily admitted that he didn’t have any but that his club facilitates his transportation. That was exactly three years ago. At this point, he likely has a car because he also noted during the interview that he would acquire a Golf 7 when he has the money. 


A house is something many celebs make special investments in. The reasons for this are many, including projecting the right image to members of the public. 

Goodman Mosele has been a little of a mystery, though, and not too forthcoming about his crib. Yes, he might have a nice place, but he would rather not splash the details before the public. This likely stemmed from his difficult childhood and lessons learned on the way. 

Net Worth 

Footballers earn pretty high. And when they are exceptionally good, they earn even higher. As far as players go, Goodman Mosele is on the skilled side. 

However, he wouldn’t be dragged into conversations about his net worth. At 23, he still has a lot ahead of him, and he is more focused on his game than on discussions about his net worth. 

Anyway, the public had been doing the talking. The estimate of his net worth ranges from $200k to $300k. 


No one popped out of the blue into existence, not even the Orlando Pirates. The only thing is that not much is known about his parents, especially his mother. He is not exactly in the habit of posting them online. Both parents are thought to be Xhosa, however. 

His father is said to be originally from Qaga in King William’s Town. He originated from the EASTERN Cape but later moved to the North West in search of job opportunities. 

In 2020, during an interview, the soccer ace had recalled that his father was not working and he, Goodman, was the one taking care of the family. 

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