Hank Green

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Basic Information

NickName: Hank Green
Real Name: William Henry Green II
Occupation: YouTube Vlogger, Author, Entrepreneur/CEO, Podcaster, Producer, TikToker, Musician
Date Of Birth/Age: May 5, 1980 (43 Years Old)
Place of Birth: Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Katherine Green (m. 2016)
Education: Eckerd College (BS)

University of Montana (MS)


Hank Green is an American vlogger, science communicator, entrepreneur, author, producer, and musician. Green is famous for producing the YouTube channel Vlogbrothers with his older brother, author John Green. He is also known for creating and hosting the educational YouTube channels Crash Course and SciShow. Green has also advocated for and organized social activism. He is the creator and host of several other YouTube channels and podcasts. Green has released music albums and is also a famous TikToker with a very large following on the platform.

On Friday, May 19, 2023, Green posted a video sharing he had been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of cancer that attacks the lymphatic system. “It seems likely that we caught mine early. I’m still waiting on a scan to sort of confirm that. The goal is cure… procedure to get there is fairly well known if unpleasant,” he said.

Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Hank Green is worth $12 million. According to the site, “this has been accumulated through his many YouTube channels, including Vlogbrothers, SciShow, Crash Course, The Brain Scoop, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, SciShow Space, Animal Wonders, and more.”


Hank Green was born to Mike and Sydney Green in Birmingham, Alabama, U.S., on May 5, 1980. He celebrated his 43rd birthday on May 5th, 2023.


In 1998, Green graduated from Winter Park High School. He later earned a B.S. in biochemistry from Eckerd College in 2002. He also earned an M.S. in environmental studies from the University of Montana. Green’s master’s thesis was titled “Of Both Worlds: How the Personal Computer and the Environmental Movement Change Everything.”


Hank Green is married to Katherine Green. Katherine was born on May 17, 1980. There is no available information on how the couple met. They married in 2006 and reside in Missoula, Montana, with their son, Orin, who was born in 2016, ten years after they tied the knot.

@realkgreen Twitter


The following are books written by Hank Green;

  • An Absolutely Remarkable Thing (2018)
  • A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor (2020)


  • Foreword to Pride and Prejudice (2014 Lizzie Bennet Diaries edition)
  • A Supplementally Useful Publication (2020)
  • “A Naturalist on Hoth,” From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back (2020)
  • “Bonker Doesn’t Die” (2021 Project for Awesome short story)


Vlogbrothers YouTube

Vlogbrothers is a video blog channel created and hosted by YouTube Vlogger Hank Green and his older brother John Green (Author). According to Wikipedia, “The first incarnation of the brothers’ online broadcasting was the ‘Brotherhood 2.0’ project, preceding the establishment of the pair’s regular vlogging activity through the Vlogbrothers channel.” The channel boasts 3.6 million subscribers on YouTube with other 933 million views.

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