Hungani Ndlovu Biography: Age, Net Worth, Wife, Parents & Educational Background

Basic Information

Stage Name: Hungani Ndlovu
Real Name: Hungani Ndlovu
Occupation: Actor, Dancer
Date Of Birth/Age: 19 June 1994
Place of Birth: Nelspruit, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married (to Stephanie Sandows)
Education: Flii’Cademy

Hungani Ndlovu Biography

Hungani Ndlovu is a South African dancer and actor who started his career pretty early – at the age of 7. Although he’s currently famous as an actor, his first foray into the performance world was as a dancer.

As a kind, he had travelled to the United States, where he studied acting at Flii’Cademy. Back in South Africa after his studies, he clinched his first acting role on Memoir of an Honest Voice. After that, he had gone on to act in several other flicks, including Scandal.

Scandal remains one of his most significant roles in that, playing the role of Romeo, he had his wife Stephanie (Ingrid) as his love interest.


Born in 1994, Hungani Ndlovu is currently 27 years. He celebrated his birthday in June. He might not be loud on his birthdays, but he goes all out to celebrate his wife’s. When she turned 30, he had written an emotional prayer for her, wishing they’d be holding hands with beach sand between their feet for eternity.

Net Worth

Hungani Ndlovu might be doing well, but you can’t find him bragging about his net worth. In fact, his focus has been his art. So while he wouldn’t speak about his net worth, fans have been doing that for him – guessing and guessing.

Lacking verified figures from the man himself, we’re following the verdict of industry leaders, which places him among the millionaire figures in South African film.


Hungani Ndlovu’s wife is Stephanie Sandows, who also happens to be as famous as her husband in the movie industry. Born in 1991, she is three years older than her husband. Between them, though, the age thing is a non-issue.

Hungani and Stephanie got married on February 23 2019 and celebrated their second anniversary months back. The couple planned the marriage for a year, but Hungani Ndlovu fast-tracked the whole thing, proposing to Stephanie when they debased a plane.

Not only is their love strong, but the two are also business partners. They are founders of what they call SANS group, a talent agency that grooms actors and dancers. They also maintain a vlog on with which they inspire other young couples and aspiring couples.

Husband and wife readily admit the marriage thing is not all roses. They have had their challenges, but they elect to persevere, choosing each other every day. The message of perseverance is one they want other couples to imbibe.

Months back, Stephanie had experienced COVID-19 symptoms, and her husband had experienced the same. They were both tested, and the results came back positive. They detailed their COVID-19 journey in one of the episodes of their vlog.


Hungani Ndlovu might be a famous figure, but there are no details about his parents. The celebrated dancer has apparently been more focused on acting and choreography than on cluing the public on who his parents might be.

Anyway, fans have been most focused on his career than on who his parents might be.

Educational Background

Some people often equate university education with success in the material claim – something that has been proved wrong repeatedly. Anyway, that’s the reality of Hungani Ndlovu’s life.

He moved to Los Angeles when he was young and studied at the New York Film Academy, graduating with acting and film certificates. But, even before he graduated, he already had stage experience.

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