Inno Morolong Biography, Age, Husband/Boyfriend, Net Worth, House, Cars, Child, Before & After Surgery

Basic Information

Stage Name: Inno Morolong
Real Name: Innocentia Morolong
Occupation: Club Host, Socialite
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Welkom, South Africa.
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: Central University of Technology

Inno Morolong Biography,

Innocentia Morolong, whom many know simply as Inno Morolong, is a South African socialite, club host and media personality. She started her career as a video vixen but soon switched to club hosting. It would turn out a great move as her profile rose pretty fast.

As a club host, she got to meet and connect with several top figures in the industry and expand her network. This connection would open even more doors for her as she launched her sunglass line called Shades by Inno. She stands out the most for her club hosting, however.


Inno Morolong was born in September 1992, which means she is currently 30 but will be 31 in a couple of months. her birthdates are sometimes wild moments. Maybe this coming September might be different


Inno Morolong has never been married – has never had a husband. However, she has had her fair share of boyfriends. While it is unclear who she is currently dating, her dating history reflects some time with the music producer Femi Large. She had a big fight with the rapper Gigi Lamayne, whom she accused of trying to snatch Femi from her.

Inno Morolong had also dated a Zimbabwean prophet named Munyuki.

Net Worth

A key area of curiosity for Inno Morolong’s fans is how much she is worth. Well, how much is she worth? You will rarely find her throwing figures all over the place. However, she is said to have a net worth of around R800k. That figure is pretty decent by South African standards.


She might be in the news almost all the time for one reason or the other, but then Inno Morolong appears to know where to limit the public from prying too much. There isn’t much detail about her house and where it is located. It appears to be one of the things she is keeping close to her chest.


For many celebs, cars are not just means of locomotion but also advertisements of their style and class, as well as their position in life and society. So they usually pay a premium to acquire some of the choicest cars out there. Is Inno Morolong any different? Well, she was known to own a plush ride worth R1.5 million. She had an accident in that car around May 2022. It’s unclear what other car she acquired after the accident.


What some people are unaware of is that Inno Morolong is a mother and bold to be. She had the kid years ago but appeared to have made the decision to keep the kid away from the limelight. Lesedi is her only known daughter at the time of writing. It is unclear who the baby daddy is, as Inno wouldn’t dwell on that.

Before & After Surgery

Some ladies revel in cosmetic surgery while others would never get into it no matter the pressure. Inno Morolong appears to be in the former category, as she had enhanced her body through surgery in the past. She reportedly spent about R200k to transform her body.

When images of her transformation hit the Internet soon after, many South Africans were astounded. She spoke about it all in an interview which you can check out below.

Criticised for getting cosmetic surgery, she insisted that it was never done for men because a man can leave a woman anytime. It was done to please herself.

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