Isaac Mophatlane Biography: Age, Net Worth, House, Wife, Twin, Brother, Education & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Isaac Mophatlane
Real Name: Lenamile Isaac Mophatlane
Occupation: South African Businessman
Date Of Birth/Age: 12 May 1973
Place of Birth: South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South Africa
Marital Status: Married (to Mpumi “Mrs. Mops” Mophatlane)
Education: University of Pretoria

Isaac Mophatlane Biography

Lenamile Isaac Mophatlane is a South African tech and IT investor and co-founder with his late brother Benjamin of the Business Connection Group. Born in Pretoria, Isaac and Benjamin soon developed an interest in computers.

After his secondary education, he was able to secure financial aid from the South African Breweries which enabled him to pursue a course in accounting. His interesting computers didn’t wane though.

He was fortunate to have been around during the beginning of the computer era. After working briefly with a company called Software Connection, which gave him a broad understanding of the IT sector, he set up Business Connexion Limited (BCX) with his brother.


Isaac Mophatlane was born in 1973, which makes him 48 at the time of writing

Net Worth

Isaac Mophatlane started out in business quite early. In the intervening years, he has managed to amass an impressive fortune by South African standards. Right now, his net worth is said to be about $40 million


Isaac Mophatlane does not belong to the “if you have it, flaunt it” collective. While he’s made a fortune in business, it’s near impossible to find him showing off his acquisitions.

His house is one asset he has managed to shield from the public. However, those who know him insist he lives in a mansion with his wife. Given his fortune, that’s not surprising.


Isaac Mophatlane’s wife is no other than Mpumi Mophatlane, an actress and reality television star. Born in 1987, the Johannesburg native met her husband when they were both in a tertiary institution.

Mpumi has an abiding love for yoga, reading, and shopping. She was part of the Real Housewives of Johannesburg in its second season and was identified as Mrs. Mops, a contraction of her husband’s name.

Because she’s married to a wealthy man, some social media denizens think she picked Isaac for his money. They fail to realize that when they met, her husband wasn’t particularly established.


Isaac Mophatlane had a twin brother called Benjamin. Both of them had founded a company called Business Connexion Limited (BCX), with Benjamin as CEO. He managed and grew the company until his sudden death (by cardiac arrest) in 2014. His death created a leadership vacuum which Isaac filled soon after.


Isaac Mophatlane’s brother is no other than his twin Benjamin – mentioned earlier. When he was 23, alongside his brother, Benjamin had founded BCX, a company that has since grown into one of the IT giants in South Africa.


A mighty believer in education, it was inevitable Isaac Mophatlane should find his way into a tertiary institution at some point. The business executive has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pretoria in South Africa.

His mantra is continuous learning and self-improvement. Those have pushed him to become the success he is today.

Contact Details

Like almost every important business leader out there, Isaac Mophatlane has not made it easy to be reached by just about any member of the public. Last we checked, he isn’t available on Instagram and there is no record of an email or phone by which he might be reached directly.

However, his company Business Connexion Group, which is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, is available online, at There’s a “contact us” link on the website through which a message might be sent.

There’s no assurance that a message sent through that medium will reach him, however.

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