Jessica Motaung Biography: Age, Husband, Child, Salary, Kaizer Chiefs & Qualifications

Basic Information

Stage Name: Jessica Motaung
Real Name: Jessica Motaung
Occupation:  South African Television Personality
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married (Ken Simmons)
Education: University of Pretoria

Jessica Motaung Biography

Jessica Motaung is a former beauty queen of South African provenance, sports executive and television personality who is currently chief marketing director of Kaizer Chiefs, one of the top-flight clubs in the South African soccer leagues.

She has been in that position for almost two decades. Not surprisingly, her name resonates more in the realm of football these. The game so consumes her that she made it part of her plan to establish a female soccer team one day. How soon that will happen remains to be seen.

She stands out for her positivism and love for life.


Jessica Motaung is currently 49 years. She was born in 1973 and celebrated her birthday in August.


If you’re looking Jessica Motaung’s way for anything romantic, you may have to reconsider as she’s no longer on the market. She’s married to Ken Simmons. The two had issues with their relationship at the outset when Ken suspected infidelity.

For this reason, she packed out and returned to her parent’s home. Along the line, they resolved their differences and came back together again as husband and wife.


Jessica Motaung has not one child but two children. One of her boys is known to have a deep love for sports. See more details in other sections below.


It’s unclear how much Jessica Motaung is part of the Kaizer Motaung team. And that’s not surprising because she is not exactly an “outsider.” Her father, after all, owns the club where she works. At any rate, she reportedly earns a decent sum and is okay with what she earns.

Kaizer Chiefs

It’s been almost two decades of marketing magic for Jessica Motaung. She started working at Kaizer Chiefs as marketing director in 2003, and she has held the position to date – the same as her father, who has been serving as the club’s CEO.


Jessica Motaung is a combination of what has been described as beauty and brains. The well-spoken football manager graduated from the SuperSport Industry Leaders Programme.

Popular Questions

  • Was Jessica Motaung Miss South Africa?

Jessica is a beauty queen who, although now in her 4os, is still a ravishing beauty. In her days on the beauty podium, she was named Miss South Africa First Princess and Africa’s Queen of Beauty.

  • How old is Jessica Motaung?

Jessica was born in 1973, which makes her 49 years old at the time of writing. Yet, she has managed to maintain her charms even into middle age – a personal triumph.

  • Who is the firstborn of Kaizer Motaung?

Kaizer Motaung has a large family comprising three sons and two daughters. Unfortunately, the first son of the family, Thabo Ceyland Motaung, a businessman, died at the age of 42 in 2012, shattering the serenity of the Motaung Family.

Thabo Ceyland Motaung is the firstborn of Kaizer Motaung. He is the immediate elder to Bobby Motaung, football manager for Kaizer Chiefs FC, who is himself the immediate elder to the lady in focus: Jessica Motaung.

  • Who is the Marketing Director of Kaizer Chiefs?

The chief marketing director of Kaizer Chief is no other than Jessica Motaung, the third child of the club’s founder. Actually, she isn’t the only child in a managing capacity within the club. Other children of the founder are also active in the club’s management.

  • How many children does Jessica Motaung have?

Jessica Motaung is a mother to two children – both boys: Kenneth and Donald. Kenneth has also shown an aptitude for basketball. His parents noticed this and installed a hoop at their residence for him.

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