Joe Phaahla Biography, Age, Wife, Children, Qualifications, Family, Politics & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Joe Phaahla
Real Name: Mathume Joseph Phaahla
Occupation: Politician
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Byldrift, Pretoria, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married
Education: University of Haifa, University of Natal

Joe Phaahla Biography

Mathume Joseph Phaahla, known simply as Joe Phaahla, is a South African medical doctor, administrator, politician and current minister of health, a position he stepped into after serving in three deputy ministerial slots.

A member of the ruling African National Congress, he had served as Director-General in the Department of Sport and Recreation, which played a key part in South Africa’s hosting of the World Cup in 2010.

A Member of the National Assembly (Parliament) since May 2019 and former Deputy Minister of Health at National Executive, Joe Phaahla stands out for how he is currently running South Africa’s health ministry as minister.


For a man who has effectively hidden a lot about his life and family, it is interesting that Joe Phaahla’s age is actually out there. He was born in July 1957, which means that he will be 57 in a couple of months.


Joe Phaahla might be married, but details about his wife are just not out there 0- pretty interesting for a politician occupying one of the most important ministries in South Africa and one of the most important ministries in any government in the world.


Who are Joe Phaahla’s children? Does he even have children? Who are they? If there is one aspect of the minister’s life that he has done a great job of covering, it is his family – specifically his children. While he is of marriageable age, and may likely have children and even grandchildren, it is unclear who they might be, where they are and what they do.

The health minister would take a spot among politicians who would rather keep their family live life to themselves.


One thing that stands Joe Phaahla out is his love for education. He isn’t one to embrace academic complacency 0- something that’s markedly reflected in the number of qualifications he has been able to accumulate since he popped into the material plane.

he is a former student of the University of Natal, where he bagged a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree. Thereafter, he snagged a Diploma in Health Service Management from the University of Haifa, Israel. Not content with those, he had worked his way into the academic universe again, earning a Certificate in General Management, Marketing and Finance.

These qualifications have put him in a position to take on different portfolios in government and out of it. Not surprisingly, he is seen as one of those who have actually done well in government.


There is great interest in Joe Phaahla’s family, but the minister himself wouldn’t be bothered to share much with the public about his family. He has done a great job of keeping his family away from the limelight while facing his duties as South Africa’s minister of health.


Joe Phaahla is a member of the ruling African National Congress, former deputy health minister and current health minister of the Republic of South Africa. Before his sojourn into politics, he had held several positions in the realm of medicine, including that of medical superintendent at hospitals in Limpopo.

Contact Details

in Africa, politicians, especially those currently in power, are among the hardest people to reach. While it is hard to reach them directly, there is usually the address and phone numbers of their offices for the public to contact.

Postal Address: 
Private Bag X828, PRETORIA, 0001
Private Bag X9070, CAPE TOWN, 8000
Street Address: 
Dr AB Xuma Building, 1112 Voortrekker Rd, Pretoria Townlands 351-JR, PRETORIA, 0187
120 Plein Street, Floor 4, Room 477, CAPE TOWN
012 395 9206
021 461 4560
021 461 4561
012 395 9166
021 461 9203

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