Joshua Maponga Biography: Age, Wife, Books, Nationality, Quotes, Education & Qualifications

Basic Information

Stage Name: Joshua Maponga
Real Name: Joshua Maponga
Occupation: Musician, Author, Philosopher, Pastor/ Bishop
Date Of Birth/Age: 18 July 1973
Place of Birth: Gauteng, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: Zimbabwean/ South African
Marital Status: Married
Education: Andrews University, Michigan, United States

Joshua Maponga Biography

Joshua Maponga, also called MapoNga Yahshua III Mara-Rah and Creative Powerhouse, is a South African musician, motivational speaker, pan-Africanist, businessman and ordained bishop of the Pentecostal and Evangelical communities.

Although many know him more as a spiritual leader, Joshua Maponga is actually also an experienced business executive, with stints in organizations like Milpark College, ABSA World Vision, and Vodacom.

He’s spent over 30 years as a pastor in different denominations. In 2020, he was fired from the Seventh Day Adventist’s church (SDA) position. This has in no way muffled his voice, though, as vocal as he was before he was suspended.


Born in 1973, Joshua Maponga is currently 48 years. He celebrated his birthday in July. While he is not too concerned about a birthday celebration, his fans make it a point to celebrate him each year the way they please ― usually loudly on social media.


The controversial pan-Africanist author is known to be married to one wife. But unfortunately, details of his wife, including name and date of birth, are just not out there.

But details about an alleged “fling” are everywhere. In April 2021, a lady from KwaZulu-Natal claimed that Joshua Maponga impregnated her and eventually miscarried. She claimed that the cleric promised to make her his second wife. The mother of the unnamed woman clarified she was indeed aware her daughter was seeing the cleric.

Maponga denied the claims, however. He insisted it was nothing but an attempt to extort money from him. You can check out the screenshot of what the lady insists was their conversation.


Besides preaching the Gospel ― or, as some would say, corrupting it ― Joshua Maponga is also the author of several books. Some of his notable titles include Find Your Truth, Going Places in the Spirit, and So You Want to Be the Master?

Another notable title from him is Shopping Skills. About the book, he would explain that the birth of his daughters inspired him to write it.

Joshua Maponga documents his thoughts on life, Christianity, spirituality, and more in his books. His books give wide-angle views into his understanding of life, religion, the whites (in contrast to blacks), and spiritual consciousness.


Is Joshua Maponga a South Africa? That’s one question people ask again and again. And the answer is yes, he is a South African. He’s no village yob, though. Instead, he’s well educated and has travelled around the world.


Joshua Maponga’s mindset is probably best reflected in his quotes. And he’s released many quotes out there. But, interestingly, he doesn’t even believe in a white Jesus. Instead, he’s been known for wondering aloud why the white man is eating heaven on earth while urging the black man to wait for heaven in the sky.

Some of his most famous quotes include: “If going to heaven means that I will be a white man, I would rather go to hell. Don’t count me in. You can go alone. I’m not interested.

Marriage is an institution where two people with faults will give each other an opportunity to grow and achieve greater goal. Its a partnership for better development!”

Religion is the foreplay to colonialism… By accepting a Colonial Iconography of the White Messiah over an adulterated Eurocentric perception of a Messiah, Weakens your Fight as an African to the colonial system.”


He might not be the most educated cleric out there, but Joshua Maponga sure knows how to capture the attention of the public. He’s said to hold a Construction Entrepreneurial Training (CET) and degrees in philosophy and theology.

It is for his philosophy and theology that he has become famous, though. Known for always speaking his mind, he’s got into trouble several times, notably with the LGBTQ community. He had described gays as below animals and was sued for that.


Joshua Maponga is a man of many parts, as the cliché goes. He’s an entrepreneur by training. He’s also a qualified theologian and one of the most controversial in the field.

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