Julius Malema Biography: Wife, Net Worth, Age, Parents, Cars, House, Children, Salary & Qualifications

Julius Malema: A Controversial South African Politician and Businessman

Basic Information

Stage Name: Julius Sello Malema
Real Name: Julius Sello Malema
Occupation: Politician, Businessman, and Leader of the EFF
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Seshego, Limpopo, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married
Education: University of South Africa (UNISA).

Julius Malema Biography

Early Political Participation

Julius Sello Malema, known as Juju by his fans, is a well-known political and business figure in South Africa. His interest in politics began when he was eight years old, during the apartheid period. He had already joined the African National Congress (ANC) at that age and was heavily involved in removing National Party posters.

Ascend to Prominence

Malema was chosen chairperson of the African National Congress Youth League in 1995 when he was 14. (ANCYL). Two years later, he was elected head of the Limpopo branch of the Congress of South African Students (COSAS). His rise to prominence in South African politics began with these views.

Expulsion from the ANC and establishment of the EFF

Malema’s relationship with the ANC was rocky, and he was eventually kicked out of the party. He founded the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in 2013, a political group that has gained traction among South Africans who feel marginalized by the political establishment.


Malema has courted controversy throughout his political tenure. The Equality Court convicted him of hate speech in 2010 and penalized him R50,000. He has also been accused of corruption and inciting unrest.

Despite his controversial nature, Julius Malema remains an important figure in South African politics and business. He remains a vocal supporter of economic liberty and social justice in the nation.


Manta Matlala is the South African poltician Julius Malema’s wife. Before they married, she had been Malema’s lifelong girlfriend. They have a son together, and she is also at ease with his other son from a prior relationship.

Although Manta Matlala likes to maintain a low profile and avoid public scrutiny, she is Malema’s supportive partner and has accompanied him to political events and public appearances. Despite her husband’s high-profile political career, she keeps a private existence with her family.

Malema and Matlala have endured scrutiny from the media and the public as a couple, but they have maintained a strong bond and support each other in all aspects of their lives.

Net Worth

Julius Malema, the controversial  South African politician, is well-known to be affluent, with some calling him “filthy rich.” However, his precise net worth is unknown because no official figure is available.

Julius Malema Wealth & Speculations

Regardless, Malema’s lavish lifestyle, including expensive houses, cars, and watches, indicates he is a multimillionaire. He’s been seen driving expensive cars like a Range Rover and using expensive watches like a Rolex.

Malema’s personal worth has been the subject of much speculation, with many attempting to estimate his worth based on his possessions and political career. According to some reports, his net worth is in the hundreds of millions of rands.

Despite the rumors, Malema has kept his net worth private, concentrating instead on his political career and advocacy for economic freedom and social justice in South Africa.


Julius Malema was born in 1981, making him 42 years old.

Malema received well-wishes from members of his political party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), and general admirers on his special day. The celebrations attested to his popularity and his effect on South African politics.

Despite his youth, Malema has been an important figure in South African politics for more than a decade, rising to prominence as the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) chairperson in his youth and subsequently founding the EFF.

Malema continues to advocate for economic freedom and social fairness in South Africa as he celebrates another year of life. He remains a vocal critic of the political elite and an advocate for the rights of the marginalized and disenfranchised.


Childhood and Family of Julius Malema

Florah Malema, Julius Malema’s mother, was a domestic worker and a single parent who raised him until she died, allegedly from an epileptic fit. Malema’s mother is known, unlike his father.

Sarah, Malema’s grandma, took over his upbringing after Florah died. She was a major figure in his life, and Malema has frequently spoken about her influence on him.

Malema’s upbringing was difficult, and his family’s financial difficulties influenced his worldview and political convictions. He acquired a deep commitment to fighting for the rights of the poor and marginalized in South Africa due to his childhood experiences.

Despite his difficulties, Malema became a prominent figure in South African politics, with a sizable following and influence. His childhood and family history continues to shape his identity and political ideology.


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) commander-in-chief, Julius Malema, is well-known for his passion for automobiles. He is said to have a car collection valued over R1.5 million, making him one of South Africa’s most car-obsessed politicians.

Julius Malema’s Automobile Collection and Controversy

Malema’s vehicle collection, on the other hand, has not been without controversy. Previously, his car was pelted by angry EFF members who thought he was imposing a candidate on them in Gauteng. This incident sparked controversy and emphasized the EFF’s internal divisions.

Despite this, Malema remains devoted to his automobiles and is frequently seen driving them to political events and public engagements. He’s seen using luxury vehicles like a Range Rover and a Mercedes-Benz.

Malema’s passion for automobiles has become part of his public persona, with some admiring his choice of automobiles and others criticizing his extravagant lifestyle. Nonetheless, his car collection continues to pique the curiosity of both supporters and detractors.


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema, lives in a beautiful home with his wife and family, with modern equipment and ornate furnishings. Some regard Malema’s residence as a reflection of his social standing.

Household Debt and Tax Debt

Malema’s financial position, on the other hand, has not always been stable. He was said to owe the South African government R16 million in taxes at one time. To pay off the bill, he allegedly sold one of his Limpopo homes and a farm.

Despite this setback, Malema has stayed a prominent figure in South African politics, advocating for economic freedom and social justice. His house represents his success and capacity to overcome financial difficulties.


Despite his personality, Julius Malema stays dedicated to his family responsibilities. He has a son from a prior relationship and another with Mantwa Matlala, his wife.

Julius Malema and His Future Children

Malema has not stated whether he intends to have more children. His dedication to his family and children, however, is apparent in his public statements and actions.

Malema’s personal life, including his family and relationships, has frequently been the topic of media and public interest and scrutiny. Despite this, Malema has stayed steadfast in his political beliefs and advocacy for South African economic freedom and social justice.


There is little known about Julius Malema’s father, and the politician has shown no interest in discussing or disclosing his identity.

Unknown Father and Claimed Paternity

In 2012, a 71-year-old pensioner named Samuel Manyapye claimed to be Malema’s father, claiming that the EFF leader had passed him in the streets without recognizing him. Manyapye claimed to have left Malema and his mother to labor in an Orkney gold mine.

While Manyapye insisted that Malema is his son, the politician has denied his claims, saying that over ten people have previously claimed to be his father. Malema has indicated that such claims are made solely to gain access to him.

Malema’s father and claimed paternity contribute to the mystery surrounding the controversial politician’s personal life.


Julius Malema has amassed a sizable political following in South Africa despite lacking a formal tertiary degree. He attended Mohlakaneng High School in Seshego, Limpopo, and subsequently attended the University of South Africa, where he majored in youth development. (UNISA).

Julius Malema: Focus on Youth Development and Education

Malema’s emphasis as a politician has been on youth development. He has been an outspoken advocate for their rights and has used his platform to raise awareness about issues affecting South African youth.

However, not everyone agrees with Malema’s strategy for youth development or his overall political style. Malema’s influence and impact on South African politics cannot be disputed.

Contact Details

Contact Information and Social Media Presence for Julius Malema

Julius Malema maintains his personal contact information private. Individuals wanting to make official contact with him must do so through a secretary or the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party he leads.

On the other hand, Malema is active on social media, especially Instagram and Twitter, where he can be reached via direct message or by mentioning him. Malema has stated that he is not on Facebook, so anyone claiming to be him on that site should be treated cautiously.

Malema’s social media presence has become essential to his public persona and political influence. He uses these platforms to interact with his supporters, express his thoughts on current events, and push his political agenda. Despite controversies in his political and personal life, Malema’s social media presence is growing, and he remains an important figure in South African politics.


According to reports, as an MP of the opposition party,  Julius Malema, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) head, and other minority party leaders were paid R1.38 million in 2021.

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