Julius Malema Biography: Wife, Net Worth, Age, Parents, Cars, House, Children, Education & Qualifications

Basic Information

Stage Name: Julius Sello Malema
Real Name: Julius Sello Malema
Occupation: Politician, Businessman, Leader of the EFF
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Seshego, Limpopo, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married
Education: University of South Africa (UNISA).

Julius Malema Biography

Julius Sello Malema, fondly called Juju by the crop of his admirers, is a South African politician and businessman who’s famous as much for his controversial personality as for his outspokenness.

The politico’s foray started early. At the age of 8 or thereabouts, which was during the apartheid era, he had joined the African National Congress and had a good run removing the posters of the National Party.

In 1995, when he was 14 years old, he was elected chairperson of African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL). Two years later, he became chair of the Congress of South African Students (COSAS) in Limpopo.

Malema had a stormy relationship with the ANA and was expelled from the party at some point, leading him to found the EFF. In 2010,, he was convicted of hate speech by the Equality Court and fined R50k.

He remains his old controversial self.


Manta Matlala is the name of Julius Malema’s wife. She was formerly his longtime girlfriend. She has a son for him and is comfortable with his other son from a previous relationship.

Net Worth

Julius Malema is rich and comfortable – some would say filthy rich. His exact net worth isn’t out there, so peeps just speculate and speculate. From his possession – house, cars and watches – it is obvious he’s a multimillionaire.


Malema was born in 1981, so he’s currently 40 years. He celebrated his birthday two months ago and was deluged with good wishes from members of his party as well as some members of the public who admire his advocacy.


Unlike his father, there is no confusion about who Julius Malema’s mother is. A domestic worker and a single parent, his mother, Florah, raised him until she died, reportedly after an epileptic fit.

At Florah’s death, Malema’s grandmother Sarah took over his upbringing.


Julius Malema is one of the car-loving Mzansi politicians out there. The EFF commander in chief is said to have vehicles with a combined value of over R1.5 million. Once upon a time the EFF leader’s car had been pelted by angry EFF member who felt he was imposing a candidate on them in Gauteng.


Ir has been said that one can determine a person’s station in life by the house he lives in. Well, the EFF leader shares a nice crib with his wife and family. Housed in there are some modern equipments and ornate furniture.

Once upon a time in his political career, he was said to be owing the government R16 million in taxes. He had reportedly sold one of his houses in Limpopo as well as a farm to clear the debt.


Controversial as he is, Julius Malema still has his eyes on familiar duties. He had a son from a previous relationship and another from his wife Mantwa Matlala. It remains to be seen if he’d increase the number of children he already has.


Not much is known about Julius Malema’s father. And at this point it appears like the politician is not ready to entertain anything about who his father might be.

Back in 2012, Samuel Manyapye, a pensioner, then 71, had claimed to be Julius Malema’s father, stating that the EFF leader often passes him in the streets, unconcerned whatsoever.

Manyapye claimed to have abandoned Julius Malema’s mother to work on a gold mine in Orkney. He said that although he might have abandoned Malema and his mother many yars ago, the now famous EFF boss is still his son.

Commenting on Manyapye’s claim, however, Julius Malema denies that the elderly pensioner is his father.  According to him, more than ten people have previously come out claiming to be his father. Malema insists everyone wants to be his father just to get to him.


The EFF leader might not be the most educated out there, but he has a robust political following. He attended the Mohlakaneng High School in Seshego, Limpopo, and the University of South Africa (UNISA), where he reportedly majored in youth development.

Interestingly, as a politician, his focus appears to be on the youth and on youth development, although no everyone fancies his style of going about things.

Contact Details

A public figure, Julius Malema’s personal contact details aren’t out there. One wising to contact him formally might have to do so through a secretary or through the EFF, which he runs.

The controversial politician is also active on social media, especially Instagram and Twitter. So he can be reached via those media, by diect message of by a mention.

The Gucci-loving politico has made it clear he is not on Facebook. So, beware of anyone claiming to be the EFF boss on that platform.

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