Kagiso Modupe Biography: Age, Daughters, Wife, Net Worth, Education, Parents & Movies

Basic Information

Stage Name: Kagiso Modupe
Real Name: Kagiso Modupe
Occupation: Author, Actor, Producer
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Phokeng, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married (to Lisa Lopes)
Education:  Wits University

Kagiso Modupe Biography

Kagiso Modupe is a South African actor and director who famously made his first million by using his manhood in an advert. After stints at school, he made his acting debut in 2005. A year after, he snapped a role as Sammy in the SABC1 series, Home Affairs.

In the intervening years, he had starred in other flicks, as well as made his production debut with Losing Lerato, a flick that featured one of his daughters.


Kagiso Modupe was born in 1984, which makes him 38 years at the time of writing. He celebrated his birthday in April. But, unlike most celebs, his birthdays are not wild occasions.


Kagiso Modupe has not one but two daughters. His first daughter, Tshimollo, is already following in her father’s footsteps in the acting universe, and her reviews have been pretty positive.

Tshuimollo played a role in the flick Losing Lerato, which her parents produced. Many critics who watched her play her role in the movie noted she might be cut for the acting thing, after all. But, with her parents’ support, maybe she just might it big in acting in the coming years.


If you have designs on Kagiso Modupe as a lady, best to bury them right away because the thespian is no longer on the market. He’s long been snagged by a Twana beauty with whom he appears to be fiercely and insanely in love.

Kagiso Modupe’s wife is no other than Liza Lopes (who shouldn’t be mistaken for Lisa Lopes or the rapper Left Eye). While details are scant about his wife, what is superabundant is Kagiso Modupe’s love for his woman – and he snaps every opportunity he gets to celebrate her.

Net Worth

Kagiso Modupe is a man more concerned with his art and with creating value than with discussions of net worth and similar topics. Still, according to multiple sources, he is doing pretty well. Conservative estimates put his net worth at $250k – not bad by South African standards.


Although he’s not the most educated actor in the South African movie industry, Kagiso Modupe is yet a strong believer in education. Still, ironically, he had once noted that education did not necessarily open his path to success.

The Scandal actor obtained his matric from Nigel High School. At the outset, he wanted to study medicine. But he didn’t have the aptitude for mathematics, and his score was poor in the subject. This made him opt for a bachelor’s degree in human physiology and anatomy.


As he would say to whoever would listen to him, he didn’t come from a rich family. In fact, his parents struggled to take care of the family. But, from them, he learned many vital lessons in life, including business skills and the vitality of not being ashamed of his hustle.

His mother was a woman known as Massesi.

Although his father’s name isn’t out there, Kagiso Modupe is more than happy to admit that his father played a significant role in his life and contributed massively to the man he is today. His father grew up an orphan. This parental deprivation notwithstanding, he made it paramount to be present in Kagiso Modupe’s life and even took a loan to ensure he got an education.


Kagiso Modupe might not have an extensive filmography, but still, he has captured the attention of a whole nation with the few flicks he had either produced or featured. His filmography encapsulates the following: Losing Lerato, Unpredictable Romance, The Good Fight, and Step Up to a Good Start.

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