Karabo Maseko Biography: Age, Wife, Siblings, Net Worth, House & Family

Basic Information

Stage Name: Karabo Maseko
Real Name: Kayda Karabo Maseko
Occupation: Actor, Singer
Date Of Birth/Age: 27 June 1995
Place of Birth: Mpumalanga, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: University of Johannesburg

Karabo Maseko Biography

Karabo Maseko is a South African singer and actor who to fame quite early and has remained visible, entraining the Rainbow Nation with his movie appearances.

Born in Mpumalanga, Karabo’s childhood Eden was razed when his father sent his mother away with Karabo and his other sibling. However, his mother valued education and made sure he and his sister were educated.

Recalling his growing up years, Karabo would say that he took the risk to put himself out there – auditioned for roles. And he was fortunate to have been picked at some point, earning a place in the cast of the popular series Generations: The Legacy.  He’s featured in other flicks as well.

Karabo is also a musician, although he has not released an official work. He was This Is It, an acapella group.


Born in 1995, Karabo Maseko is currently 26 years. He celebrated his birthday a month ago.


A man of Karabo Maseko’s surely isn’t lacking attention from women. And because he’s been seen with a couple of ladies previously, people often wonder if the Actor is married or in a relationship.

Well, last we checked, Karabo Maseko isn’t married. This much is also confirmed on his social media profiles. It appears like the man is taking his time with the marriage thing.

Also, it is u known if he’s in a relationship. So if you have a on him, you may want to shoot your shot and see how it goes.


Karabo Maseko has just a sibling, an elder sister called Tsholofelo Maseko. Like Karabo, Tsholofelo has her hands in the arts. She’s a television presenter and popular as co-host of SABC1’s talk show Mzansi Insider. By the way, she’s also an actress. So one might say Karabo came from an acting family.

Net Worth

It has been said that a man’s net worth determines how successful he is in life. While we do not subscribe to the same view, we know that in the material plane, net worth does count.

Karabo Maseko may be counted among the successful actor’s out there. But, unfortunately, his exact net worth is unknown, and you wouldn’t catch him bragging about his net worth.

At any rate, he’s reportedly one of the millionaire figures in South Africa’s acting orbit. Given how seriously he takes the acting, his material success is not surprising.


Karabo Maseko did not have it great growing up. But he has so evolved as an Actor that he lives in a much better place than when his father drove his mother out of the house with her kids (Karabo and his sibling). On the issue of his house, Karabo would rather not make noise.


Karabo I came from a family of four – mother, father, and an older sibling. With his father no longer in the picture and Karabo clueless about his whereabouts, the actor may as well be said to be from a family of three.

Tsholofelo Maseko popped into the world before and became an actress before him as well, so one may say Karabo followed in his sister’s footsteps.

In an interview, Karabo Maseko had stated he doesn’t know of his father’s whereabouts. His mother is still in his life, though, and he thinks of her as his everything. Karabo Maseko often speaks of his mother as a very kind woman and one from whom he’s learned a lot.

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