Karyn Maughan Biography: Age, Husband, Qualification, Salary & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Karyn Maughan
Real Name: Karyn Maughan
Occupation:  Writer. Legal Reporter
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Johannesburg, South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married (allegedly)
Education: Rhodes University. (Master’s degree in Media and Communication)

Karyn Maughan Biography

Karyn Maughan is a South African author and legal journalist who many now look up to for insider scoops on high criminal cases. She was reportedly born in Johannesburg, where her interest in the written word flowered pretty early. So she made a choice for journalism.

Her journalism odyssey started at The Star newspaper. That experience would be instrumental to her getting a job as a legal reporter with the eNCA, one of the major media houses in South Africa. At the eNCA, she distinguished herself and was never afraid to ask tough questions to public figures.

In her journalistic work, she also had stints as a writer for Financial Mail, Newzroom Afrika, Business Day, and Daily Maverick.

In November 2020. She provoked great excitement at News24 when she joined the staff of the company. The excitement of her coming is encapsulated in a statement from the editor-in-chief, Adriaan Basson:

“Karyn is undoubtedly South Africa’s best legal journalist. Her contact book is the envy of her peers; her ability to get the inside scoop on complicated legal matters and report it with crystal clarity is legendary.”

Her joining the media house has in no way slowed her scoops, nor has it quenched her fire. Instead, she remained the fire-spitting journalist throwing analogies here and there.

Beyond her journalism, Karyn Maughan is also a journalist and the author of  Lolly Jackson: When Fantasy Becomes Reality and The Modimolle Monster – Love is War.


Karyn Maughan was born in 1980, which makes her 40 years at the time of writing. She celebrated her birthday in July. She might be popular, especially in legal journalism circles, but her birthdays are never moments for soirees.


Who is Karyn Maughan’s husband? This is one question that many South Africans have been asking for a long time – and getting no answers to. Well, our digging has led to no answers as well.

At this rate, if she’s married, it’s clear that Karyn Maughan has done a great job of keeping her many away from the public eye. Or perhaps the man himself is allergic to publicity and attention. Whatever the case, as the saying goes, the truth cannot be hidden forever.


Karyn Maughan is an unapologetic lover of education, so it isn’t surprising that she has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. For her postgraduate studies, she attended Rhodes University, where she obtained a master’s in media and communication.


It’s unclear how much Karyn Maughan earns. But then, being one of the top legal journalists in South Africa, she most likely earns a decent sum each month – and her earnings must be okay with her.

When she joined News24 in November 2020, she had described the media house as the strongest news brand in South Africa. She also noted she wanted to contribute to the growth of the brands and is grateful to have been given the opportunity.

Contact Details

Despite being a journalist, Karyn Maughan hasn’t made things easy for those who want to reach her. She has an Instagram account, all right. But the account is closed to the public. One needs to follow her on that platform to see what she posts and send her messages.

It’s a different ball game on Twitter, where she is actually more active. So, whether one is a follower on that platform or not, one can easily still reach her by a mention or a direct message. But, of course, there is no assurance she would reply.

Last we checked, she doesn’t have a website and her personal contact details, including phone number and email, are not available.

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