Kgaogelo Chauke Biography: Age, Girlfriend & Social Media, Salary, Nationality, Net Worth, Parents & Current Club

Basic Information

Stage Name: Kgaogelo Chauke
Real Name: Kgaogelo Chauke
Occupation: South African/ English Footballer
Date Of Birth/Age: 8 January 2003
Place of Birth: Pretoria, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: English, South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: Southampton Football Academy

Kgaogelo Chauke Biography

Kgaogelo Chauke, whose name is often contracted to Kegs Chauke for ease of pronunciation, is a South African footballer currently playing for Southampton in the English league.

His parents moved to the United Kingdom soon after his birth in South Africa. And because they could see a future for him in the world of football, they enrolled him in a football academy.

His impressive showing at Thatcham Town football club at the age of 15 was instrumental to snapping a position at the Southampton football academy.

At Southampton, he was just as impressive, quickly earning the interest of several clubs in the English league and beyond. He had played at the under-15, under-18, and under-23 levels and then signed a two-year contract with the club in 2020.

Chauke’s contract with Southampton will expire later this year (2022), and the English side is determined he should remain at St. Mary’s. They have offered him an improved contract to ensure he stays at the club beyond the 2022 season.

He’s, however, yet to respond to the offer, as he wants guarantees of more first-team positions. Nevertheless, Bundesliga and English Premier League teams have shown interest in Chauke, so it wouldn’t be tough to join another topflight team if he decided to leave Southampton.


Born in 2003, Kgaogelo Chauke is currently 19 years. He celebrated his birthday earlier this month. Kgaogelo Chauke has achieved pretty much for one who’s so young, and younger people even look up to him.

Girlfriend & Social Media

Kgaogelo Chauke likely has a girlfriend. At the moment, though, he appears more focused on his football career than on anything else. Also, while he’s active on social media, he had limited himself to just one platform: Twitter, where he goes by the handle @KegsChauke. He doesn’t have an Instagram account.


Kgaogelo Chauke is still new in the game, and his salary is also lower in the league.

Southampton players earn between £1,560,000 and £2,600,000 per annum. Chauke isn’t in that payment league, however.

While his salary is still a subject of speculation, the midfielder has a current market value of £150,000. The sum is expected to increase in the coming years when he would have played with the best and honed his skills.


Kgaogelo Chauke has dual citizenship. He’s both a South African and a Briton. And because he’s a footballer, he can represent South Africa or Great Britain. So he’s at liberty to decide for whom he plays.

Net Worth

Footballers earn very high. It’s not surprising that, because of the high income, many people want to play football, whether they have the talent or not. Kgaogelo Chauke is still a teen, new in the game, and wouldn’t be bothered about the net worth thing.

That notwithstanding, the word out there is that he has a net worth of about $50k.


Details about Kgaolelo Chauke’s parents are pretty scarce. It’s public knowledge, though, that the footballer was born in Mamelodi in South Africa and his parents moved to the United Kingdom when he was a year old.

After his based education, his parents enrolled him in the Southampton Football Academy, where he excelled, and his interest as a footballer skyrocketed.

Current Club

Kgaolelo Chauke, known as Kegs on the pitch, currently plays for Southampton. Before his Southampton odyssey, he’d played for Thatcham Town, a professional club based in Berkshire.

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