Khanyi Mbau Biography: Age, Net Worth, Daughter, Before Pictures, Cars, House, Brother, Baby Daddy & Boyfriend

Basic Information

Stage Name:Khanyi Mbau
Real Name:Khanyisile Mbau
Occupation:Actress,Television Personality
Date Of Birth/Age:15 October 1985
Place of Birth:Soweto, South Africa.
Nationality:South African
Marital Status:Single

Khanyi Mbau Biography

Khanyi Mbau is a South African television personality and actress who found fame for her television roles as well as for her skin choices. She has lightened her skin.

The songstress was born to a banker mother named Lynette Sisi Mbau and a father named Menzi Mcunu. The two weren’t married at the time they had Khanyi. At any rate, Menzi Mcunu named her Khanyisile, which translates to “Bringer of Light.”

Because her mother was always busy, Khanyi Mbau grew up at her grandmother’s. Her grandparents were pretty cosmopolitan and brought her up accordingly.

Khanyi Mbau popped as the character Doobsie in the movie Muvhangoin 2004  but was fired from the role later, allegedly for wild partying. But her movie career had begun and there was no stopping her. She had gone on to feature in several flicks.


With 1985 as her birth year, Khanyi Mbau is currently 35 years. She will be 36 in October.

Net Worth

Khanyi Mbau isn’t doing badly. Her net worth is still a subject of speculation. It is generally believed, though, that she has a net worth of R10 million.


The socialite and her now vanished businessman ex husband Mandla Mthembu had a daughter called Khanukani.

The daughter is not as active as her mother online but has got a robust online following. She bear’s her mother’s surname.

Before Pictures

Khanyi Mbau’s skin transformation has been a subject of conversation for as long as one can remember. The television personality apparently preferred a lighter skin and has spent large sums pursuing her “light” dream.

She had been accused of bleaching her skin, but she kicked at such, insisting she merely lightened her skin, schooling her fans on the difference between lightening and bleaching.



Khanyi Mbau loves cars and has never hidden this fact. When she was married to Mandla Mthembu, he had gifted her a yellow Lamborghini. She’s also said to own a Porsche and a G Wagon.


The media personality has a high taste not only in cars but in houses as well. She lives in a plush apartment with many amenities. She recently confessed that she was among those deeply affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the corresponding lockdown.

Khanyi Mbau confessed to have downgraded to a much smaller apartment. The picture of her new apartment still showed serious luxury, however, leaving many wondering what she actually meant by a downgrade. You can check out the video below.


Khanyi Mbau has got a brother who is just as famous. Lasizwe is a YouTuber and comedian with a strong online presence. The social media personality is as controversial as his half-sister, perhaps because of his sexuality. He is one of the openly gay celebs in South Africa.

His sexuality notwithstanding Lasiswe has a great relationship with Khanyi Mbau. In fact, Khanyi is so fond of him that she calls him her baby.

Baby Daddy

Khanyi Mbau’s baby daddy is a businessman named Mandla Mthembu. The businessman was virtually unknown in Mzansi social circles but gained visibility thanks to Khanyi Mbau.

Mandla Mthembu was so into the socialite that he bought matching yellow Lamborghinis for her and him. It would emerge years later that he paid R1 million for one of the R3.4 million Lambos and was mandated to be making monthly installments to fully possess the vehicle. The other lambo was got via financing from Absa. He defaulted in payment for both.

Over time, Mandla Mthembu sunk into debt, losing his cars and houses. At some point, he had to put up in a motel, where he was paying R300 daily. Unable to pay the rent at the motel at some point, he was thrown out and he vanished. He has not been heard of since.


For one who has not hidden the fact that money is part of the inspiration in her dating game, Khanyi surely knows how to pick them. She was formerly dating Tebogo Lerole. The two were together for ten years and then they split.

After the split, Khanyi Mbau made it known that she was ready to date again but gave one condition for her new guy: he must be rich. At the time she announced she was ready to date again and gave her condition, she had been dismissed as a gold digger.

She didn’t mind the tag, and neither did the guy in whose arms she fell barely weeks after the announcement of her availability: Kudzai Terrence Mushonga.

Said to be a businessman in Zimbabwe, Kudzai Terrence Mushonga is allegedly a fugitive from the law in Zimbabw, where he is wanted, alongside two accomplices, for crimes of defrauding a lender.

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