Killer Kau Biography: Music, Awards, Education, Net Worth, Age & Girlfriend

Basic Information

Stage Name: Killer Kau
Real Name: Sakhile Hlatshwayo
Occupation: Singer, DJ, record producer
Date Of Birth/Age:  22 years
Place of Birth: Soweto, South Africa.
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: Lavela Secondary School, Zola

Killer Kau Biography

Killer Kau is the youth who popped on the music scene in South African and became a sensation almost overnight.

Back in 2017, as a student at Lavela secondary school in Zola, Soweto, he had released an amateur clip titled “Tholukuthi Hey!” which went viral immediately and attracted the attention of industry chiefs, including DJ Euphonik.


Killer Kau’s songs are pretty few at this point. But one readily admits they can engage just about any audience. Some of the songs are given below:


Killer Kau Ft. Mbali – Tholukuthi Hey!


Killer Kau has 3 album, titled “After School”, “Game Changer” and “Tom & Jerry” EP featuring Retha. For one who is still fairly new in the industry, that’s just fine. “After School” was released in 2019, a dance compilation of 7 tracks, including the hit “Kataliya.”

His albums are available on Apple Music and other streaming platforms.


Awards are good, important perhaps. But they do not necessarily determine an artiste’s worth or the level of impact he has made in the country. One can count many artistes who have done great in the industry but have no awards to their names.

Killer Kau has treated the Rainbow Nation to a couple of winning numbers, but we can’t point to the awards he has  won as an artiste. That notwithstanding, he remains a critical voice in South African music — a voice you wouldn’t mind hearing over and over.


Interesting to note is that Killer Kau, who became famous almost overnight, is keenly interested in education. Three years ago, he was a grade 11 student at Lavela Secondary School, Zola.

He may have found fame early, but the songster has no plans of dumping his schooling for music. On the contrary, he plans to study law at the university and eventually become a judge. Tall dreams, but then he is already on the way to achieving it

Net Worth

Killer Kau’s exact net worth is still a subject of speculation — some say between R300k – R500k. we can’t give the exact figure right now. However, based on his output so far and on his talent, we see him joining the millionaires’ league very soon

Age & Relationships

Killer Kau is still single, although he has reportedly been involved with a couple of women. He is only young in age but young on the music scene as well. Right now, it appears he is more interested in the music than in the girls.

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