Kuli Roberts Biography: Age, Sisters, Husband, Net Worth, Child, Family, The Queen, Before & Now Pictures

Basic Information

Stage Name: Kuli Roberts
Real Name: Nomakula Roberts
Occupation: Fashion & Beauty Icon, Actress, Journalist, TV Presenter and Host
Date Of Birth/Age: 16 December 1982 (30 Years Old)
Place of Birth: South Africa
Gender:  Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status:  Beyers Roberts (Divorced)
Education: Unknown


Nomakula Roberts, now called Kuli Roberts is a popular South African Fashion and Beauty Icon. She has also made a big name for herself in the media. She is known to be a great journalist, a TV presenter, a TV host, and Radio Host. She is also an actress. She is well known as the Co-host of the popular SABC2 show, What Not To Wear. Kuli Roberts also hosts the Breakfast show on Kaya FM. She is one of South Africa’s most unfiltered celebrities, sharing shocking details about her life with the public.

Life & Career;

Kuli Roberts has stated that she began working at the age of 7 while addressing rumours of her alleged flashy lifestyle. She and her older sister, Hlubi were raised by their parents.

Back in the day, Kuli began her career as the editor of Drum Magazine on Fashion and beauty. She also worked with Sunday World as a columnist. From 2004 till 2005, she became a TV host on SABC 2. In 2008, Kuli co-hosted the popular gossip show, The Real Goboza which aired on SABC 1. She did so for the second and third seasons of the show. From 2010 till 2013, she hosted “Headline”, a popular show for celebrity gossip magazine.

Also in 2010, Kuli was made a TV host on Mzansi Magic. In 2012, she began co-hosting on Kaya FM. In 2013, she joined the sixth season of the SABC 3 reality competition, Strictly Come Dancing as one of its competitors. In 2016, she became part of the group that hosted the daily Talk show, Trending SA on SABC 3.


Kuli Roberts was born on the 16th day of December in 1982. She celebrated her 38th birthday in December 2020.


Kuli Roberts grew up alongside her beautiful sister, Hlubi Mboya. Hlubi is a popular South African actress who is married to Kristen Arnolds. Hlubi was born in 1978, making her four years older than Kuli.


Growing up, Kuli stated that she loved being in relationships. She also stated that she once flew to Germany to meet her boyfriend as a teenager. She had a thing for white boys at the time. Her parents were unaware of this.

Her parents also did not know when she got married to Beyers Roberts in 1990. She once stated in a tweet shared in February 2018, that she bumped into her ex-husband at the airport and he failed to recognize her. No one knows why, and she couldn’t explain it too.

She has stated that she went through so much emotional pain following her divorce which led her to start drinking. She finally quit, and opted for a happier life raising her children alone. She is known to spend time with her children and their dogs at home.

Net Worth

The actual estimate of Kuli Roberts’ net worth is not known to the public as she is yet to reveal it. However media sites have estimated her worth to be between $1m to $3m. This is because of her many ventures and success in the media, fashion and entertainment industries. Kuli is yet to confirm this estimate with the public.


Kuli Roberts’ marriage to Beyers Roberts led to the birth of her 2 children, a son and a daughter. She calls both her kids the best decision she has ever made as they bring her so much happiness. Her daughter, Tembela is her firstborn, followed by her son, Laeun. Her son, Laeun is a sportsman, and is known to enjoy playing soccer.

Kuli Roberts is also a grandmother. In January 2017, her daughter Tembela birthed her first child, Isabella.


Kuli Roberts and her sister, Hlubi were born to loving parents. Not much is known about her mother, but her father was the Assistant Dean at the University of Cape Town.

The Queen

In July 2020, Kuli Roberts made her debut on the popular telenovela, The Queen where she plays, Mildred Sefatsa. Mildred is a 41 year old Instagram queen who is a cougar on the prowl. She is married to the devious Bra Cat who spoils her with his riches. However, she isn’t closed off to cheating on him at every chance she gets.

Before & Now Pictures

In January 2021, Kuli Roberts received heavy criticism on social media after she shared shocking photos of herself looking slimmer than usual. Several social media users mocked her appearance and called on people to pray for her.

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