La Sauce Biography, Songs, Albums, Awards, Education, Net Worth, Age & Relationships

Basic Information

Stage Name: La Sauce
Real Name: Sindiswe Magoso
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter
Date Of Birth/Age: 4th August 1998
Place of Birth: Umzinto, South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single

La Sauce Biography

Sindiswe Magoso is the South African singer who goes by the adopted stage name of La Sauce. Born on 4 August 1998 in Umzinto, the songstress might be counted among singers who discovered their musical gifts early.

At the age of 8 La Sauce had already discovered her musical gift. She fed that interest by avidly listening to the radio. Young though she might have been, she already had artistes she looked up to, including Lebo Mathosa and the late Brenda Fassie.

However, it wasn’t until 2016 that she realized she had something that the industry was missing, home brewed sounds and styles, according to her. It is what sets her apart, she says.

The choice of her adopted stage name was based on her experiences and influences, her character and her background. She is a whole cask of sauce — so La Sauce. By the way, she is conversant with several languages, including Arabic.

Her first single was titled “Independent.” It was released on social media without the backing of any record label. Interestingly, it was the song by which she broke into mainstream music in South Africa.

Ambitiouz Entertainment discovered her from her “Independent” single and signed her on.  She has been in the limelight since.


La Sauce has several songs to her name, most of them club charmers. The trajectory of her career reveals her most famous hits to date were released in the early days of her career. Think “Cooler Bag.” Think “I Do,” a wedding song that tossed South Africa into a frenzy of excitement.

For one who is fairly new in the industry, La Sauce’s oeuvre is pretty impressive. Most of her songs are lyrical winners you should be chuffed to check out and share, too. Below, in no particular order, we bring you some of her songs that might interest you.

LaSauce – I Do Ft Amanda Black

LaSauce – Njalo

LaSauce – Emafini


Albums give grand views of an artiste’s creative orbit. And indeed one gets to have impressive views of La Sauce creative universe  from the albums she has released so far, including “Fabulooser,” her debut.

It appears the compilation has been taken down from streaming platforms.

La Sauce’s latest compilation is titled “Broken Lipstick,” a pop album of 16 tracks and one of her finest to date. The album, released 27 November 2017, plays for exactly 1 hour and 5 minutes.

Few debut releases have lit up the game during 2017 quite like Durban-born social media success story LaSauce’s Broken Lipstick, a self-assured album radiating with promise. In addition to her slick urban pop summer hit “Coolerbag”—featuring the full extent of her stunning voice, often compared to the likes of Rihanna—the LP also sees the Ambitiouz Entertainment songbird teaming up with Amazulu queen Amanda Black for the riveting love anthem “I Do”. Along the way labelmates Kly, Davido and Emtee also drop in for some killer collaborations

She is currently working on a new album.


How many awards has La Sauce won? Although we cannot point to the awards she has won as a singer, we know she is a gifted artiste who merits an award and will certainly get them in the course of her career.


La Sause is a brilliant conversationalist, although she is reportedly yet to obtain a university degree.

Degree or no, she stands out as a singer and has been recognized as a fine voice in South African music – a voice to hear and share, too.

Net Worth

For one who has been treating South Africa to charming numbers for the past few years, La Sauce isn’t doing badly. She is reportedly in the millionaires’ orbit, with a net worth of about R2 million.

Given her musical gift and her commitment to her art, we expect her net worth to soar in the coming years. And when that happens, we are going to update this post. So it wouldn’t hurt to bookmark UbeToo and visit regularly

Age & Relationships

La Sauce will be 22 on 4 August 2020. She is said to have had a couple of relationships but is still very much single. It appears her career is her focus at the moment. Not bad for a singer who knows where she is coming from and where she is going.

The key word here is focus.

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