Lerato Kgamanyane Biography, Age, Net Worth, Child, House, Cars, Husband, Parents & Siblings

Basic Information

Stage Name:Lerato Kgamanyane or Rato
Real Name:Lerato Kgamanyane
Occupation:Entrepreneur, Influencer, and blogger (travel, food and fashion)

Date Of Birth/Age:

09 February 1995 (28 Years Old)
Place of Birth:Johannesburg, South Africa
Nationality:South Africa
Marital Status:Married


Lerato Kgamanyane is a famous South African influencer, digital entrepreneur, and blogger dealing in fashion, travel, and lifestyle. She is also a well-known fashionista known for incorporating culture into her style. Lerato gained a considerable following on social media and constantly shared content with her fans. She was named the Cosmopolitan IG Awards 2017 Finalist, earning praise for her hard work.


Lerato is the founder of the HellenRose, a creative and social platform made for women by women. Her objective for the platform is to create engaging content for her female followers who look up to her.

Lerato has received praise for the significant growth of her website, HellenRose, through the years. The website creates content about food, travel, business, beauty, and lifestyle for women in the country and all over the world to learn from. The site always has informative and entertaining content.


Lerato Kgamanyane was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 9 February 1995. She celebrated her 28th birthday on February 9, 2023.

Her passion for the fashion industry started at a very young age. At 17, she decided to venture into the fashion industry. She landed her very first job as a stylist. She worked as a stylist for Urban Degrees. At age 19, Lerato moved to Joburg, where she worked part-time as a stylist at Doc Marten.

She left Doc Marten a while later and realized she needed to do more. While schooling, she began incorporating writing into her passion. She started a fashion blog through which she shared ideas with women in the country. She has also reached women outside South Africa. She has since gained prominence in the fashion industry and has worked with reputable brands such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue Eyewear, and Boschendal Wines.

Net Worth

Lerato Kgamanyane has had so much success as a fashion blogger and influencer. The famous digital blogger has worked with some top brands in the country and always takes in good earning. Some publications estimate her net worth to be between $200 000 to $500 000. This remains an unconfirmed estimate because she has not revealed her assets and income to the public.


Lerato Kgamanyane welcomed her first child in late 2019. The fashion blogger shared photos from her baby shower with the caption, “celebrating the beginning of a lifetime of happiness and proudly wearing a new, life-changing, unmatched and humbling hat – being Queen Mother.” she and her guests were traditionally dressed as they celebrated her coming baby. She has not said much about the baby since she welcomed it.


Lerato has not shared photos of her house on social media.


Lerato has not shared photos of her car(s) on social media.


Lerato Kgamanyane is a happily married woman. She revealed she had tied the knot in October 2022, when she shared footage from her Umembeso ceremony.  Umembeso is a Zulu traditional ceremony that forms part of the lobola negotiations. During the ceremony, the groom gives gifts to the bride’s parents and family before the wedding. Lerato was reported to have married the man she welcomed a child with a few years back. The identity of her husband isn’t public, but he is very handsome.

On 1 October 2023, Lerato shared photos from their traditional marriage with the caption “Forever to go.” She also shared photos from her white wedding and some beautiful guests. She captioned it: “Love has truly been good to me.”


Lerato Kgamanyane has kept details of her family away from the public. She does not talk about her parents. There is no information about them available on the internet. She celebrated her mother’s birthday in May 2022.


It is unknown if Lerato has siblings because she does not talk about them. She keeps her private life secret and away from the public eye.

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