Loyiso Macdonald Biography: Age, Net Worth, Wife, Parents, Child, House, Cars, Contact Details & Education

Basic Information

Stage Name: Loyiso Macdonald
Real Name: Loyiso Macdonald
Occupation: Actor
Date Of Birth/Age: 07 September 1986
Place of Birth: Mdantsane, Eastern Cape,
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married (to Luphiwo Mathunzi, 2012)
Education: Pinetown Boys’ High School, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Loyiso Macdonald Biography

“Forever curious and desperately optimistic,” says Loyiso Macdonald, South African actor, describing himself in just five worlds. This curiosity has taken him to the world of books and to the world of acting as well.

Born in Mdantsane, in the Eastern Cape area of South Africa in 1986, little Loyiso Macdonald wanted to be an archeologist or a historian. He achieved neither. The world of dramaturgy sucked him in instead and he’s today famous as an actor.

Before delving into the world of acting, though, he had worked as a call centre. The pay wasn’t the best, so Loyiso quit and informed his parents, who were surprised by his decision.

At the time he quit, he had no idea what to do next. So he spent his time reading in the library. One day, he came across a pamphlet advertising an acting school in Durban. He decided to attend. His foray into the world of acting began then.

Loyiso Macdonald has featured in several flicks to date and now has a massive online following.


Born in 1986, Loyiso Macdonald is currently 34 years. He’ll be 35 in September. For one who is almost 35, Loyiso looks quite boyish. In fact most people who had encountered him think he is in his 20s. He acknowledges this as one of th biggest surprises of his person.

Net Worth

Loyiso Macdonald would rather be missed with the noise. Where many celebs out there would show off their acquisitions and talk about what they plan to get next, Loyiso Macdonald would rather keep his under wraps. Thus, whenever he speaks, his fans listen.

It’s open to debate what Loyiso Macdonald’s exact net worth it. But the actor easily finds a spot among the millionaire figures in Mzansi film and entertainment.


Loyiso Macdonald is an early bird in terms of marriage. At age 26, the actor had married Luphiwo Mathunzi. Rumours of infidelity on Loyiso’s part threatened the marriage years later

Loyiso, who plays Ray on the flick “Zabalaza,” had reportedly cheated on Luphiwo with another actor, Zandile Msutwana, his love interest in the movie mentioned earlier. Their alleged fling reportedly started on the set of “Zabalaza” and they carried it from there.

Luphiwo Mathunzi had reportedly confronted Loyiso Macdonald and Zandile and then moved out of his house. Loyiso Macdonald addressed the cheating rumours in a clip which you can check out below.

On marriage, Loyiso Macdonald insists he calms a man down. Previously, according to him, he used to take a lot of risks. Now, according to him, he puts the interst of his partner alongside his.


Loyiso Macdonald might be easy with the words on set, dropping his lines like there is nothing else worth doing. But about his parents, he has not been forthcoming with serious information.

For this reason, not much is known about his parents and whether they are alive or not. They same might be said of his siblings, as he rarely speaks about them.


Many often call children blessing and part of the joys of living. Loyiso Macdonald subscribes to the same view, but he didn’t have a child until recently. He had posted to Instagram a picture of him, his wife and their child together, with the caption “The happy family


Here, keeping to his somewhat elusive personality, Loyiso Macdonald is a tease. Details about his house are pretty sketchy. Unlike many celebs who would flaunt their cribs on social media, Loyiso Macdonald has chosen his own path, covering most of his assets.

At any rate, he’s said to have a nice crib in the heart of Mzansi.


Loyiso Macdonald is obsessed with British and Italian cars, mainly Alfa Romeo and Jaguar. Although he owns neither of both brands, that has not curtailed his obsessions. The celebrated actor rolls through town in an Audi sedan

Contact Details

Most famous peeps are content with keeping their contact details away from the general public. Loyiso appears to be part of this league. The actor’s email and phone number are not out there.

On Instagram, where he is active, he gave for his web address. MLA(SA) is an agency that represents South African actors, including Loyiso Macdonald. The agency is reachable by phone at +27 87 806 6970 and by email:


Loyiso Macdonald might not be the most educated out there, but he can hold his own in many situations. The thespian studied at the Pinetown Boys’ High School in KwaZulu-Natal , thereafter he had studies speech and drama at the Drban film school.

He worked at the Durban Theatre and then relocated to Johannesburg.

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