Lucky Gumbi Biography: Age, Net Worth, Before & After, House, Cars, Wife, Baby Mama & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Somkhanda Gumbi
Real Name: Lucky Gumbi
Occupation: South African Actor, Fitness Enthusiast
Date Of Birth/Age: 17 March 1990
Place of Birth: KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married

 Lucky Gumbi Biography

Lucky Gumbi is a South African businessman, mining magnate and reality show host. 

Born into a poor family, he recalled the whole family going to bed hungry at some point because there was no food at home. 

Determined to break free from the grip of privation, the young Lucky started striving early. He founded a mining company and diversified into coal and other businesses. 

He’s been so successful in his businesses that he’s today justly recognized as one of the most successful businessmen from KZN. 

His reality show, The Gumbis, which airs on the SABC network, gives South Africans glimpses into his life and family. 


Lucky Gumbi was born in 1981, so he’s currently 40 years. His birthdays are usually wild events for his core fans. 

Net Worth

Mining is one of the key industries in South Africa, and it has made fortunes for quite a few, including our Lucky guest. Gumbi isn’t doing badly. At the time of writing, he’s said to have a net worth of about $5 million. 

 Before & After

Bleaching is nothing novel — certainly not in South Africa, where several celebs have opted for a lighter skin tone.

Unlike what’s currently visible to the world, Lucky Gumbi was much darker. He wanted a lighter shade and got just that, giving Mzansi new topic for conversation. The story of his bleaching pop on social media now and then. 

Interestingly, with his bleaching, he now shares the same skin tone with his two wives. 

If a man’s truly gives clues about his wealth, then Lucky Gumbi is doing great. He owns a house in Balito, north of Durban, and another in Richard’s Bay. The value of both houses are said to be in the millions. 


For one who’s seriously rich and who many believe started a TV show to rub his wealth in the faces of viewers, details of Lucky Gumbi’s cars are pretty sketchy. Anyway, we were able dig up some facts and confirm that he owns, among others, a Mercedes Benz G Wagon, a Mercedes Benz coupe, a Range Rover, and a Golf GTI. 


Lucky Gumbi is a proud polygamist. He has not one wife but two, and they are said to get along beautifully. 

His first marriage was to Bayede Cebekhulu Gumbi. He married his second wife Nombuso Malinga Gumbi when she was just 22. The marriage provoked criticism across South Africa, with many commenting on the age disparity between the bride and the groom. 

Anyway, Gumbi is happy with his choices of wives. He had also made it clear that he’s not out to sire many children. Okay are the four children he already has.

Baby Mama 

Baby mama? The mining boss is said to have sire children from a previous relationship. He’s currently focused on his wives. The mining boss had been lavish in celebrating the newest addition to the family, his second wife. He has reportedly spent about R260k for his wife’s bridal shower, and over R1 million for his wedding proper 

Contact Details

Unlucky are those who want to contact Lucky Gumbi professionally. The mining magnate has not revealed a phone number or email by which he might be reached.

Also, although he’s active on Instagram, his account is private and one cannot see what he shares without being confirmed as a follower first. We’ll, shout him out or shoot him a dm if you’re already a follower. 

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