Lunathi Mampofu Biography: Age, Siblings, Daughter, Boyfriend, Brothers, The Queen & The River Movies

Basic Information

Stage Name: Lunathi Mampofu
Real Name: Lunathi Mampofu
Occupation: Singer, Actress, Fashion Designer
Date Of Birth/Age: 07 March 1987
Place of Birth: Cape Town, South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married (to Dylan Lloyd.)
Education: outh African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance (AFDA), New York Film Academy

Lunathi Mampofu Biography

Lunathi Mampofu is a South African actress, singer and fashion designer who will most likely be caught wearing the clothes she made herself.

The actress, who has never hidden her admiration for her high-flying brothers, started her acting career when she was quite young. She had performed in secondary school as well as taken part in acting competitions.

In 2011, she left for New York in the United States to continue her studies at the New York Film Academy. Back home in South Africa five years later, in 2016, she had charmed many with her appearance as a spiritualist in Isikizi.

She had taken up other roles since and is today justly recognized for her service to the culture.


Born in 1987,  Lunathi Mampofu is currently 34 years. She celebrated her birthday in March.


Lunathi Mampofu’s siblings appear to have similar interests in the arts. Recalling her growing up years, she had noted that her parents’ obsession with the arts had been instrumental in her electing to delve into the world of acting. Looking back, it is not a decision she regrets.

Oros Mampofu and  Mkhokheli Prince Mampofu, who happen to be twins, are Lunathi Mampofu’s siblings. The one would tell any person who cares to listen that his father is a pastor as well as a businessman.

Unlike his twin brother, Oros was named after a fictional character. Recalling how he came about the name, the celebrated actor had noted that he was very fat when he was a baby ad orange, too. He was therefore called Oros, and the name stuck.

Oros, who also doubles as a singer, had the inspiration to sing from being a member of the choir in his younger years. Oros claims to have been stabbed once in a street in Cape Town but survived.


While in the Unites States, Lunathi Mampofu had an IVF and conceived a daughter. At birth, she named her Skye. She has grown into a beautiful in whom her mother and “father” Dylan are well pleased.

Born in 2015, Skye is currently 5 years old. She’ll be 6 in November, and Lunathi is so looking forward to her daughter’s birthday.


Well, at the time of writing this, Lunathi Mampofu had no boyfriend. The bod who was formerly her boyfriend is now her husband, Dylan Lloyd, an art director and production designer.

The two had met in a restaurant. Recalling the encounter, Dylan had said that it was a chance meeting. He had apparently gotten into the restaurant and sitting somewhere, according to him was a woman with a glowing aura.

Interestingly, both share similar love for the kitchen. In an interview with top Billing for instance, the actress had admitted that she and her husband love home cooked meals and are actually both great chefs.


Lunathi Mampofu has two brothers who are almost identical. Oros Mampofu takes after his sister in the acting game. Said to be among the richest actors in South Afica, Oros Mampofu is the Jama character in the TV soap opera Skeem Saam.

Oros brother is no other than   Mkhokheli Prince Mampofu

The Queen & The River Movies

Lunathi Mampofu has featured in several flicks, including the soapie The Queen, which she played the role of the villain Benni. In the flick The River, Lunathi played the role of Emma. She had previously admitted that the character actually gives her the chills. It was a challenging role and one she was glad to take.

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