Lungile Phenyane Biography, Age, Education, Qualification, Husband

Basic Information

Stage Name: Lungile Phenyane
Real Name: Lungile Phenyane
Occupation: Politician
Date Of Birth/Age: 35 years old (As of 2023)
Place of Birth: Unknown
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Unknown
Education: Unknown


Lungile Phenyane is a South African politician who is a member of the Democratic Alliance party. Lungile Phenyane came into the spotlight light after she was reported to be contesting for six of the DA’s top posts. While her passion for these posts was noted, there was no information about her, and members of the DA did not have anything to say about her because they had never worked with her. Lungile has gained the media’s attention, with everyone trying to gather information about her.


After it was announced that she was running for the DA’s top positions, Phenyane revealed to the press that she wasn’t doing it for the position. She stated her beliefs that the party needs structure change. She said, “I wanted to add my name to the list and contest for a position in the party because it is important for us as young people to be actively involved.

Our country needs movement, our country needs change, and I believe the DA is the party for the change that we need. This is not about positions for me, I am fighting for young people and women. Even now gender-based violence is very high in our country and the students in higher education are striking every day, fighting for their human rights. The aim for me is to make a positive impact.”

A few days after the announcement, she withdrew from contesting two positions, including DA federal leader and federal finance chairperson. She said, “After due consideration, I’ve evaluated the two positions of federal leader and federal finance chairperson and, for now, I’m withdrawing. For the other positions, I’m still standing.”


Lungile Phenyane was reported to be 35 years old. While her exact birth date is unknown, this could be that she was born in 1988. She has not shared any details about where she was born or grew up.


Information about Lungile Phenyane’s education is not available online. She is not available on social media, so there is no information about her online.


Lungile Phenyane’s qualifications are unknown. The majorly known thing about her is that she is a qualified member of the DA. No one in the DA has worked with her or knows anything about her. DA Congress Presiding Officer Greg Krumbock noted that Phenyane was a branch member in Tshwane. He said,

“She has met all the minimum requirements, and all her forms were in order, so she is automatically a candidate.”


It is unknown if Lungile Phenyane is married. She has kept information about her private life away from the public.

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