Malome Vector Biography: Songs, Albums, Awards, Education, Net Worth, Age & Girlfriend

Basic Information

Stage Name: Malome Vector
Real Name: Bokang Moleli
Occupation: Singer, songwriter, record producer
Date Of Birth/Age: 27 Years
Place of Birth: Lesotho
Gender: Male
Nationality: Mosotho
Marital Status: Single

Malome Vector Biography

Malome Vector is a singer, songwriter and record producer from Lesotho. Because he is associated with Ambitiouz Entertainment, many assume he is a South African. He isn’t.

Malome Vector’s career as a musician began back home in Lesotho, but it wasn’t until he made it through the border to South Africa that his name began resonating in the country.

He is 27 years and might be counted among the notable voices in Lesotho’s fledgling hip hop universe.


Malome Vector’s songs are very few at this point. However, he’s featured in a couple of songs by fellow musos, including Miss Pru DJ “Price to Pay,” and Mega Hertz “Sentse Le Shoele.”

“Dumelang” is Malome Vector’s debut single on Ambitiouz Entertainment and probably his most successful song yet.

Malome Vector – Dumelang Ft Blaq Diamond


It would be grand to listen to an album by Malome Vector given his luminous talents. But right now we can’t point to an album the songster has released. Not one.

Anyway, having signed a deal with a notable record label, we expect an album to drop anytime soon. When the album drops, we will bring it here to you hot. Really, we are looking forward to one, which, hopefully, will give us sweeping views of the vistas of his creative universe.


Some artistes speak of their awards like they are the ultimate goal in life and the ultimate note of an artiste’s impact on the scene. But how true is that? Well, we wouldn’t agree entirely with this, because some of the finest artistes in history died without getting any awards.

Last we checked, Malome Vector is yet to win anything. Well, he remains a fine voice in the music of southern Africa – a voice to hear and share, too. In the coming days we expect him to win some scudetti.


Not much is known about Malome Vector’s education. He reportedly schooled in Lesotho and then moved over to South Africa following his signing to Ambitiouz Entertainment, one of the Rainbow Nation’s notable record labels.

Well, a university degree or not, Malome Vector is a fine communicator, articulate in speech. A conversation with him should reveal this much.

Net Worth

At this point in his career, Malome Vector’s net worth is not exactly known. Speculations are rife that his net worth is between R400k to R6ook. Whichever might be the correct sum right now, it is clear the Lesotho artiste is well on his way to the senior league and to million-rand pay days.

Also, given his musical appeal, we see him netting serious endorsement deals in the coming years.

Age & Relationships

Malome Vector is 27 years old. And although he isn’t married at this point, he has reportedly been involved with a couple of women. Right now he is single and oh, not exactly searching.

If you wanna shoot your shot with him, go right ahead.

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