Mandla Mthembu: Age, Wife, House, Net Worth, Cars & Current Status

Basic Information

Stage Name: Mandla Mthembu
Real Name: Mandla Mthembu
Occupation: Businessman, Socialite
Date Of Birth/Age: Unknown (said to be 65/ 66 in 2021)
Place of Birth: South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Divorced (from Khanyisile “Khanyi” Mbau)
Education: Unknown

Mandla Mthembu

Mandla Mthembu is a South African businessman who, after a good run in the limelight, with fast cars and easy millions, simply vanished without a trace, leaving the whole of South Africa wondering in puzzlement, where is Mandla Mthembu?


Mandla Mthembu’s date of birth is unknown. Since there was a 30-year difference between him and then-wife Khanyi Mbau when they got together, and Khanyi is currently 35, Mandla should be around 65 to 66 years


Mandla Mthembu was previously married to Dolly Matshabe. The two had a daughter and divorced soon after, with Mandla seeking refuge in the arms of another woman.

Back then, around 2007, Dolly had described him as broke and unable to pay for a textbook for his then 16-year-old daughter Nelisiwe. Reacting to the claims, he had stated that he’s made arrangements with Dolly to buy the book before he traveled to the United States.

He also claimed to have given her R18,000 before traveling to the United States – a claim she denied.

Khanyi Mbau was the other woman in Mandla Mthembu’s life and the last wife (according to public records) he had before he vanished from public view. He was 30 years older than Khanyi when the two of them began a relationship.

They got married, had a daughter (Khanukani), and then Mandla Mthembu vanished after he started having trouble with his finances and could not pay for his and her Lamborghinis he purchased on credit.

Recalling her marriage to him, Khanyi Mbau insisted she never loved the man and that he cheated on her with the dancer Zodwa Wabantu. Mbau also claimed Mandla hit her when she was pregnant with their only daughter and she suffered depression for almost two decades.

Khanyi Mbau had gone on to date other men, notably Tebogo Lerole and currently the Zimbabwean fugitive Terrence Mushonga.


There’s no house one can point to as belonging to Mandla Mthembu right now. Back in the day, he had a luxurious penthouse. His houses have either been sold or repossessed. Around 2010, he was reportedly thrown out of a hotel after he was unable to pay R300 daily accommodation charge.

Net Worth

His is the stuff of legend. At the height of his power and influence, his name was the principal word on the lips of most celebrity watchers. He was the bloke who changed cars like bottled water, moving from Lambos to Porsches to Ferraris.

Last we checked, the millionaire and much of his money have been parted. So it is a futile exercise trying to determine his net worth.


Years back, Mandla Mthembu was zipping through town with some of the most exotic cars more can buy, from Porsches to Ferraris. At the moment, though, one can’t point to a car owned by him. The cars he owned in the days of his power have either been sold or repossessed. And the man himself is nowhere to be found.

Current Status

Where is Mandla Mthembu now? That’s one question that has been boiling on the lips of many who knew the man when he was reportedly worth hundreds of millions – or, as some sources would say, R2.5 billion.

The businessman’s current status is unknown. He disappeared from public view around 2010. But up till 2018, a Twitter page in his name was still active. It’s unknown if he was the person behind the account.

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