Manu Worldstar Biography, Awards, Education, Net Worth, Kids, Age & Girlfriend/Wife

Basic Information

Stage Name: Manu Worldstar
Real Name: Emmanuel Mumbili Mutendji
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Johannesburg, South Africa.
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single

Manu Worldstar Biography

Manu Worldstar has been buzzing in Mzansi following the success of his debut song “Nalingi,” which has spawned a remix featuring Roberto and $pacely. So we thought we should bring you little known facts about the singer. Welcome to Manu Worldstar biography.

The musician who goes by the stage or professional name Manu Worldstar was actually born Emmanuel Mumbili Mutendji in Johanneburg, South Africa, over two decades ago, to Congolese parents. At this point, however, he appears divorced from his Congolese roots, having adopted South African citizenship.

The idea of Worldstar for a stage name – Manu World star so to speak – came from the songster himself, believing in his musical gift and its ability to liberate him from the shackles of obscurity.

In less than 5 years in the music industry, he has come into the power of his adopted stage name – Worldstar: he is famous across Mzansi.

It was a short yet instructive leap, the result of not just talent but the songster’s personal dedication to his art – or his music, if you please.

In 2018 he had been recognized as one of the biggest breakthrough acts. A year later, and after a stint on the reality television show Vuzu’s the Hustle Season 2, he had released an EP titled “YAS” – and abbreviation for “Young Africa Story.”

That body of work tells his story of struggles and little triumphs and should make a splendid mosaic for the study of his life many years from now.


Awards? Expect Manu Worldstar to cart them in the coming years. In the interim, you might call him Slikour On Life Original Underdog winner. Also he was, recently, awarded a platinum plaque for his song “Nalingi.”


Information about Manu Worldstar’s education is scanty. That notwithstanding, he is fluent of speech and makes great conversationalist. This much should be apparent from his interviews.

Net Worth

What is Manu Worldstar’s net worth? The champ may not be loud about his resources, but he is no hostage to privation. Right now, he is said to be worth over a million rand. The exact figure might be public soon.


Manu Worlsdstar kids? What’s that? Last we checked the songster isn’t a dad yet. Perhaps his statement that he is a young African kid trying to make his way through life must have inspired the imagination he has kids.

Also, during a time out with Nae and Smash last year (2019), he had joked that the kids would drip tonight. He was apparently referring to his young self and his friends, not to an issue from him. Many failed to see this.


Manu Worldstar is not one to bother about his age, so he hasn’t focused on that but on his music. To his credit, this singular focus on the music and not on his number of years on earth has led to the release of several sterling numbers.

At any rate the consensus is that the “Nalingi (Remix)” star, who is signed to Sony Music, is 25 years.


Manu Worldstar is as single as they come… okay, that is to say he isn’t married yet. However, he has been linked with songstress Mariechan and has shared several moments with her on cam.

At 36, Mariechan is 11 years older than her man. Between them, though, age may be said to be just a number, as Mariechan is particularly effusive and proud about her love for him.

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