Mapula Mafole Biography: Real Name, Age, Married, Baby, Cars, Boyfriend/Husband, Parents & Net Worth

Basic Information

Stage Name: Mapula Mafole
Real Name: Mapula Mafole
Occupation: Actress
Date Of Birth/Age: 18 July 1990
Place of Birth: North West Province, South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: AFDA College, Cape Town

Mapula Mafole Biography

Mapula Mafole is a South African actress and media personality whose lavish good looks and baby face has often confused people into thinking she’s a baby. He’s not.

The actress has a great aptitude for music and hopes to one day be a musician. To show how serious she is about that, she’s got a guitar – an instrument she doesn’t joke with.

She started her professional acting career back in 2012. In the intervening years, she had featured on several flicks, including  Intersexions, Rhythm City,  Generations: The Legacy,  Soul City, and Z’bondiwe.

Her most notable role so far, however, was in Rhythm City. She joined the series in 2015 and played the role of a teen named after her – Mapula.

She quickly identifies with the character because her parents left her in the care of an elder sister and travelled to the United Kingdom to take up jobs in real life.

For her role in that flick, she was nominated for the award of Best Supporting Actress in a TV Soap/ Telenovela in the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs).

Real Name

Mapula Mafole’s real name is, well, Mapula Mafole.


Born in July 1990, Mapula Mafole is currently 31 years. She will be 32 a couple of months from now.


There’s no information indicating that Mapula Mafole is married or has ever been. So if you have designs on her, you may as well go ahead and shoot your shot.


Peeps often wonder about Mapula Mafole’s baby. The truth is that she doesn’t have a baby. The reference might be to the fact that she’s the youngest child of her parents – or most likely to her babyish looks.


Mapula Mafole loves cars and has never hidden that love. She often shares pictures of herself beside luxurious whips. She loves driving herself, too. And at some point, it had led to a bit of drama.

Because she looks pretty young, she’d often pulled over by the cops who think she’s underaged and therefore not permitted to navigate a vehicle. The surprise on the faces of the cops when they find out her actual age is priceless.


Several aspects of Mapula Mafole’s life might be open for the public to consume, but aspects of her personal life are shrouded, including who her boyfriend might be. It is public knowledge that she’s not married and has never been, but she cannot determine who her boyfriend is – assuming she has one.


Mapula Mafole is the youngest daughter of Moses and Monica Mafole. His mother is a certified nurse. She has two brohers Thabiso and Kabelo, as well as a sister name Tebogo Mafole.

The family lived in Klerksdorp briefly and then moved to Tshwane when Mapula was ten years old. Soon after, her parents flew to the \united Kingdom for work and other purposes. She was left in the care of her only sister.

Recalling this period, Mapula Mafole noted that her parents’ absence led to depression. To manage her depression, she would lock herself in the room for days.

Net Worth

Mapula Mafole is her for the drama – the acting – and not to bore people with talks of what her net worth is. You will never find her discussing that. Anyway, the public and her fans generally haven’t stopped discussing that.

At the time of writing, her net worth is around $100k and $150k.

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