Matshela Koko Biography: Age, House, Qualifications, Net Worth, Salary, Family & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Matshela Koko
Real Name: Matshela Moses Koko
Occupation: Former CEO of Eskom, Managing Director
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth:  South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Elizabeth Mosima Koko
Education: University of Cape Town


Matshela Koko is a South African CEO best known for heading Eskom Holdings, and the Managing Director of Matshela Energy. His career in the energy industry has spanned 25 years and has been a significant success in South Africa. While he was the Group Chief Executive Officer of Eskom Holdings, he led a team of over 40,000 workers and met 95% of the country’s electricity needs.

After joining Eskom, Koko’s first workstation was the Duvha power plant in Mpumalanga. After joining, he was promoted to work as a pressure parts engineer and a boiler plant engineer manager. In 2004, he was promoted to Eskom’s senior manager for the enterprise’s engineering division.

Koko was promoted in 2009 to serve as the senior manager in the generation division. He was also the chairman of the Asset Creation Programmes Committee. He was praised for his work in the electricity sector, leading to his nomination as the VGB Power Plant Concepts Chairman. It also earned membership to the European Committee of Standardization.

He became the divisional executive for group technology in 2010. He was appointed executive when the commercial division and the technology group merged. He also earned international membership to the VGB Powertec Board in the same year. On December 1, 2016, he was appointed acting CEO of Eskom by the Public Enterprises Minister, Mr. Lynn Brown.


Matshela Koko’s date of birth is not known to the general public. Neither he nor anyone on his team has revealed it.


The former Eskom Holdings CEO is known to keep details about his family, home, early Life, etc. private. He has not shared any photos of his home on social media.


Matshela Koko studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Cape Town. After his graduation, he joined Eskom in September 1996. He was the Group CEO of Eskom Holdings. He is the managing director of Matshela Energy.

Net Worth

The exact estimate of Matshela Koko’s net worth is unknown to the general public. However, he is believed to be worth a lot of money just from earning R450,000 monthly as the interim Group Chief Executive Officer of Eskom Holdings. He also earns good money as the Managing Director of Matshela Koko and various other sources. He keeps the information about his net worth away from the public.


There is so much information about Matshela Koko that isn’t available to the general public. This includes the exact estimate of his salary. In their biography on the former Eskom Holdings CEO, writes that Koko’s salary on a general scale is approximately R450,000 per month. The estimate was gotten from News24’s 2019 article on the wages of SA’s top CEOs.


Matshela Koko is married to Elizabeth Mosima Koko. The couple has been together for years but does not share details about their marriage and family with the public. In February 2022, Sunday World reported that Elizabeth was hit with an estimated R48.8 million tax bill. An excerpt from the article reads, “now faces the possibility of losing her properties as the taxman threatens to attach and sell them to offset her blood-curdling bill.”

The news was made public when the South African Revenue Service (SARS) obtained a default judgment against her at the Joburg High Court. Mosima’s daughter, Koketso Choma, was a director at Impulse Holdings and Ukwakhiwa Investments.

Matshela was accused of awarding contracts worth millions of Rands to his wife’s company.

Contact Details

If you want to connect with Matshela Koko, you can follow his accounts on social media.

Twitter: @koko_matshela

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